Humans haven't changed much over the course of a few centuries. They are adaptive; genetically, ideological, and socially diverse, and comprise the vast majority of this future civilization. Even in the face of radical technological innovation, humanity still clings to its own definition. For all their strengths and weaknesses, they have remained the same…for better or worse.

Clones: genetic replicas of a human who, through either their own means, or more nefarious agendas, have been artificially recreated in a lab. While most clones are merely gene-for-gene copies of an original donor, some have taken it a step further with memory implantation to guarantee their immortality. Biologically though, clones are no different than a natural born human. AGIS is the universe leader in legal cloning, and an increasing number of agencies are deferring to the corporation to regulate the their existence and creation. 

Special Consideration: A lot of characters look down on clones as inferior knock-offs. In general, and sometimes legally, they are considered the property of their creators and may, or may not, have the same rights as the average citizen. Illegal clones are not available to starting players and require GM approval.


With the merger of biomechanical engineering and synthetic biology, a new breed of organic artificial construct is now being created. Fabricants can be as simple as a programmed machines, or as advanced as their creators. With implanted memories and cognitive stimulation, human-like fabricants have the capacity for not only self awareness, but can also develop unique personalities with a spectrum of emotions. Such biological androids are often engineered to be indistinguishable from human beings on cursory genetic inspection. However, their true capacity is always determined by the scope of their programming. AGIS has cornered the market on synthetic biology, and this has given them wide regulatory authority over the creation of fabricants.

Special Consideration: Fabricants are a relatively new technological innovation, so they are still somewhat of a toss-up in the public perception. No fabricant existed before AGIS's founding about 20 years ago so no fabricant incept date should be older than 20 years. Similarly, they are rare enough that the average person has probably never (knowingly) encountered one. Currently, AGIS is the only corporation producing fabricants, and the UBC relies on them to set the standard for regulation. Model Lines and Illegal/Rogue Fabricant are not available to starting players and require GM approval. 


Artificials are completely machine and code; purpose built constructs compelled by programming to carry out specific tasks. Physically, they tend to have the form best suited to their objectives. A classic humanoid design is typically utilized in direct interactions with humans. In other cases though, artificials might not be recognizable as anything more than a complex machine, or a collection of programs on a server. Regardless of their appearance, an artificial intelligence governs their operation. While most AIs are relatively simple minded, the explosion of technological advancement as given rise to artificial intelligences that rival and, in some occurrences, even surpass that of a human. The Allied Regulatory Committee has put in place Artificial Classifications to combat the emergence of rogue AIs. This, along with a diminished job market, has created a negative public perception of Artificials in many societies.

Special Consideration: Artificial intelligence is strictly regulated by the ARC, with some levels being outlawed entirely. The population has a collective fear of unshackled AIs revolting against their creators, and rogue AIs are persecuted against when discovered. Sentient and Rogue Artificial is not available for a starting player and requires GM approval. Follow link for Artificial Classifications

Allogene ("mutant")

All species have members that manifest divergent or abnormal genetic variations. Humans are no different. While most mutations are minor and isolated to single individuals, some have managed to become dominate traits in small, isolated populations. Particularly on the Earth's surface, where radiation causes a higher rate of mutation among a smaller gene pool, it is not uncommon to come across entire families displaying the same abnormal characteristics. This could be differences in pigmentation, hair cover, skin texture, number of fingers or toes, or even sexual dimorphism. Rarely though are mutations biologically beneficial.

Special Consideration: People fear mutants. The are shunned as second class citizens (if they are even permitted civilian status), and there is an irrational fear that they will contaminate the gene pool of the species. The term 'Allogene' was established as the more acceptable term by the Redesignation Act 2491 but the more common 'mutant' is still used by the general population.

To further provide clarity, the following differentiators for species are provided:

Differentiator Human Fabricant Artificial Allogene
Cerebrum (brain) Biological Biological  Electromechanical Biological
Origin (how created) Authentic Synthetic Synthetic Authentic
Typical Typical Typical Aberrant
Eligible for civilian status   Yes Yes Yes (derived from owner)  Yes
Eligible for citizenship Yes Yes Yes (derived from owner) No
Can be criminal Yes Yes No (unless class V+) Yes
Can be rogue/illegal Only if cloned  Yes Yes Only if cloned 
Default duplication  No Yes Yes No

 Race Bonuses

  Human Fabricant Artificial Allogene
(weighted sum +5)
+5 charisma +5 agility

-5 charisma

+10 intelligence

-5 charisma

+10 endurance

(weighted sum +10)
+10 social +10 security +10 tech +10 subterfuge

(1 luck = fall damage = 2 willpower = +10 other)

+10 intuition

+1 luck

+10 initiative

-fall damage

+2 willpower

-fall damage

+10 intuition

+10 movement

Species modifiers

Lineage Duplication

Lineage Duplication is common for members of fabricant lines and artificials; Single Lineage Fabricants are custom created to "one-off" specifications and are more common than full model lines.


The distinction between organic and machine is becoming blurred as some have chosen (or been forced) to incorporate the technological into their physiology. These enhanced capacities have lead to a growing hostility between Augments and their "baseline" human kin. Even corporations that profit from cybernetic development have been forced to impose limitations in order to maintain control and keep the peace. The Redesignation Act 2491 was introduced by the UBC's Allied Regulatory Committee as a means to help corporations better classify their augmented citizens.

Special Consideration: Simple augmentation has become common place, and tensions have benefited from this gradual acceptance. However, those that take augmentation to the extreme are often met with hesitation, unease, and distrust. 




+10 initiative (was +25 language)

-10 intuition


-3 charisma per biotech level 

-3 agility per cybertech level

+1 strength per level

Missing or inactive neural net

Cannot be employed by ruling corporation

Cannot get cybertech implants


Character Appearance & Abilities Rules

~ Only human, human-like (clones, cyborgs, genetic aberrations), and artificial character types (robots, androids, synthetics) are permitted as playable character types. This means NO aliens, angels, demons, ghosts, mythological creatures, anthropomorphic animals, or animal-human hybrids. In fairness to those types not permitted to engage in roleplay here; we do ask that characters have no wings, paws, hooves, animal ears or tails. Giant robots and “transformers” are also not allowed.

~ Alternate skin/hair/eye colors are permitted as these may be explained through simple augmentation. However, we ask that you avoid anything too animal-like, excessive or cartoonish. Anime/cartoon style characters do not fit within our setting but we do allow the use of the Utilizator 'Normie' and 'Venus' heads as long as they are modified to not be too cartoonlike. Small ear shape modifications are permitted for allogene and fabricant characters only.

~ We ask that you modify avatars that are easily recognizable from other scifi settings (such as cylons or R2D2) so as not to break the immersion of roleplay in INSILICO.

~ The only exception to the above character rules are “virtual avatars.” These may be as fanciful as you desire. However, use of such avatars is restricted to cyberspace & VR, and you must have another conforming avatar should you choose to roleplay outside of those areas.

~ Special powers are not permitted. No psychic abilities, ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, biotics, “the force”, invisibility, unaided flight, super-speed, hulk strength, or any other ability that a human/machine couldn’t realistically accomplish through augmentation.

~ Mutant in InSilico does not mean "X-Men". Mutants simply express obvious physiological differences than "normal" humans. This could be differences in pigmentation, body hair, skin texture, number of finger or toes, organic horns or claws. Rarely are mutations biologically beneficial or animal-like. Such features can only be used in roleplay if the player is actively playing the Mutant race and Admins reserve the right to veto anything that violates appearance standards.

~ No child/under-age characters are permitted in roleplay. Small stature characters are allowed, but they must not appear or act child-like in any way.

~ The youngest playable character age is 18 years old. The oldest playable character age is 90 years old, anything older requires an admin approved backstory. Generally, characters should be played with normal human lifespans and ages.


  • Akloniton - aklónitos, ακλόνητος - unshakable
  • Saphiant - safí, σαφή - clear
  • Allogene - állos, άλλος - other, another
  • Synolant - sýnolo, σύνολο - aggregate
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