“I can think of no nobility greater than to give yourself to a cause. My mind, my body, my soul all venture forth towards the security of our children. When I am united with their dreams and memories we will remain as one soul, one light among the countless stars in the heavens.” -Laasya Rishika, 2434-

NeoShoda is known as the city of joy. Although with a population of less than 90,000 it is hardly a city at all. The station was built through the combination of several technologies, each developed by different stations throughout the generations.

The station itself began as a flotilla of sorts with many smaller stations and ships. This originally resided over the Earth as many other cities have during the course of humanities struggle to survive. The founding of these small pockets of life was a collection of scientists who were searching for a way to restore life to the planet. They founded the original institution which would later educate and recruit like minded individuals. Through the use of cloning technology, they were able to keep the scientific minds that contributed to the original founding of these institution alive throughout the generations. This allowed for work involving genetics and technology to grow exponentially.

By the time the flotillas were combined into a network of structures forming Shodas first appearance, the Advanced Genetics Institute of Science was already well on its way to becoming a mega corporation throughout Earths struggling economy. With the introduction of cloning technology they were able to produce the manpower and longevity of life that many other Mega corps sought out. This gave them a unique niche on the genetics market which would grow throughout the generations.

The first fabricants began showing up around 2426 and started a new wave of manpower which would allow for a competitive means of labor which until that time was primarily dominated by the robotics industry. By creating biological androids which could survive the harsh conditions that most machines found themselves working in, they were able to provide a unique, human-like approach to problem solving for on site solutions. It was around this time that the last of AGIS human population died out to be replaced completely by clones and its fabricants.

With each station turning into genetics factories and micro cities they were able to clone their founding fathers and replicate their studies until each station formed its own unique technologies. SAIWA station created new advancements in suspension shield technology while Lyra stations nursed the fabricant technology into new generations. However it wasn’t until the discovery of conduit technology that the once spread out stations began to be fully united. Conduit technology while new to humanity was a joint effort across many mega corps all competing to surpass the others in a hope to bypass the long and somewhat limitless expanse of space. If one could create a gateway between two points which allowed resources and people to pass through they could populate distant planets for future occupation.

SAIWA introduced the concept of planetary development in the early twenties and this became the driving force behind future fabricant growth. The replication of human attributes became so specialized that the distinction between man and the new generations of biological androids began to break down. This gave rise to new problems such as the philosophical idea that fabricants were not just machines used to benefit mankind but were free beings who deserved their own civil rights. This dichotomy of thinking divided the corporation right down the middle and created a civil strife that has not fully recovered to this day. It was brought to a halt in 2441 by one of the original model lines of fabricants who isolated all resistance to one station and destroyed it through great sacrifice. Now only splinters of these fanatics can be found who’s sole agenda remains the pacification of humanity.

In 2432 Laasya Rishika, one of the founders of AGIS made a breakthrough in cybernetic technology. She specialized in the transfer of digital information to biological information. She was able to create fabricants capable of acting not only as archives for data storage but had the ability to act as biological computers that could be integrated into stations core. These living cores became the first hybrids who acted as a means to operate and control all levels of systems within the station. She created the first hybrid which was named Lyra after her and this introduced a new rise of non dependencies on Robotic AI, as well as conventional means of storing information. These days it is hard to find an AGIS station anywhere that does not have a hybrid acting as its central command.

It wasn’t until the 40’s that the stations throughout the system began to unite. With a higher demand on human expansion as well as pressure from other mega corporations, AGIS made the decision to collect their technology into a single location and Shoda was the decided place to do so. The consortium which composes the main governing body of the corporation is a collection of elected fabricants who oversee its operation. It was decided during the mid 40’s that in order to fully realize the planetary engineering for humanity they would need a self sustaining station to do so, capable of traveling to the stars. Shoda was reborn and redesigned from the ground up to act as the first mobile station capable of planetary travel. The station launches for Earths orbit in 2446 and is planning to venture to our neighboring planets within our solar system to sync up with the terraforming operations already underway.

Shoda remains the future of AGIS and the utopia they created is only available to those capable of obtaining citizenship. Which the corporation control and regulates very closely. All visitors to Shoda must first go through customs which obtains their biometrics and are issued a temporary visa which allows for access to the stations resources. Those who are employed by AGIS or have applied to stay for a much longer period of time are issued a work visa. This allows for them to operate a business for a much longer period of time and are capable of renewing their visa so long as they pay their percentage of taxes, while remain in good standing with the corporation. For those who have not only been in good standing but have helped Shodan society for the better may achieve citizenship. The perks that come from citizenship aside from freedom and security comes a life long clone contract as well as the ability to be elected into the consortium.

While Shoda may represent to many the pinnacle of collective technologies and ideas there still remains crime and corruptions. The new station has already seen a growth of smuggling and establish organized crime trying to find a means of profit from exploiting the stations open door policy. However the close regulation of the populations biometrics and the means in which the corporation secures it technology also discourages any criminal elements taking a firm hold in Shodan society. The AGIS security is more concerned with terrorism and sabotage from outside elements.

AGIS has placed all its hopes and dreams into its small city with the confidence of realizing their ultimate goal of traveling to the stars. Whether their optimism is a form of hubris or whether their dream will become a reality remains unknown. What is known is that Shoda promises to embody the philosophy and technology of generations in the making. While the majority of that technology was not solely created by the corporation itself, it has utilized it in a way that allows them to evolve and move forward to an uncertain future. Whether that future includes mankind still remains to be seen.

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