INSILICO Rules & Community Guidelines

General Conduct

These rules apply to everyone, roleplayers and visitors alike. Failure to familiarize yourself with the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them. Moderators will always try to issue warnings first when approaching potential rules violations. However, in-world and website bans may be issued for blatant and repeat violations.

  • INSILICO is a moderate mature rated setting. Visitors and roleplayers may expect to encounter foul language, sexual, or controversial themes. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, the burden is on you to remove yourself before it becomes an issue.
  • Keep sexually themed interactions to their appropriate locations, and out of public areas.
  • Genitalia and public nudity are not permitted outside of private residences.
  • Residences and private spaces are OFF-LIMITS. Do not enter or manipulate objects in private residences without the owner’s expressed consent.
  • “Griefing” and "trolling" will be defined broadly and dealt with harshly; including in-world and website bans, and reporting to Linden Labs for Terms of Service violations.
  • Keep “shouting”, emotes and nonsensical chatter to a minimum when in-world. Similarly, do not use ALL CAPS excessively on the website chat and forums.
  • The sim is not a sandbox for players to rez items, test weapons/clothing or horse around. If you idle or go AFK in a locked rental or roleplay area you will be asked to leave, or ejected without notice. If you rez an object, be sure to take it with you when you are done. Stray objects will be returned to their owners without notice.
  • Any vehicle rezzed should be in keeping with the theme of the sims, and should be collected when you are finished using it. Do not run people down, and do not rez vehicles of any variety within non-RP locations (the Welcome Center/Landingzone, private functions, etc).


Visitor & Non-Roleplayer Rules

ANYONE may visit INSILICO freely, including those character types that aren't otherwise permitted to engage in the RP (please keep in mind that there are special restrictions for child avatars entering adult themed situations). Only an INSILICO Administrator is authorized to ask a visitor to leave InSilico.

Visitors and non-roleplayers are NOT required to wear a special tag.

Roleplayers have the "right of way" in InSilico. Do not interfere with people currently engaged in RP. If roleplayers enter an area that you are in, you do NOT need to leave. However, please do not interrupt the scene. Politely move your conversations to private if need be.

Excluding the Welcome Center/Landing Zone and stores; all other areas of InSilico should be considered active roleplay zones. Please be mindful of roleplayers.

All roleplay should adhere to the general Cyberpunk theme of the sim. Any questions concerning cyberpunk as a theme, please refer to the InSilico Roleplay Rules on immersion and character appearance below

If you wish to engage in InSilico roleplay, you must adhere to the InSilico RP rules and standards.

We are not a fetish sim. This includes any appearance, commentary, actions or roleplay that the admins designate as not fitting within the theme, lore or setting. 

Nanite Systems are not approved or acknowledged for use in the roleplay. This system is considered immersion breaking and does not fit with our lore. If found using these systems, you will be asked to remove while engaging. 

If you have a conflict with a roleplayer, do not cause a scene or engage in a verbal fight. Contact an admin to help resolve the issue.

If you wish to ask a roleplayer a question, do so politely through private messages.

For any other questions, contact a moderator or admin.


InSilico Roleplay Rules

The following is a basic outline of the rules which govern the InSilico Roleplay setting. It is in no way meant to be considered exhaustive, and more in depth information can be found within the Wiki.

INSILICO Setting and Immersion

  • InSilico is an immersive environment with a heavy preference for realism, and logical, consequential roleplay. The genres are near-future, cyberpunk, space, and social dystopia. Roleplay that contradicts the scope and themes should be avoided. Things like time travel, warp drive, alien technology and parallel universes do not exist as playable aspects of the setting.
  • The INSILICO setting is its own unique universe. While we may draw from parallel themes utilized by other settings, INSILICO does not share its lore, history or back story with any others. Players wishing to bring pre-existing characters over from other settings must conform them to the lore/standards of INSILICO before engaging in roleplay.

Character Types, Appearance & Abilities

Only human, human-like (clones, cyborgs, genetic aberrations), and artificial character types (robots, androids, synthetics) are permitted as playable character types. This means NO aliens, angels, demons, ghosts, mythological creatures, anthropomorphic animals, or animal-human hybrids. In fairness to those types not permitted to engage in roleplay here; we do ask that characters have no wings, paws, hooves, animal ears or tails. Giant robots and “transformers” are also not allowed.

Alternate skin, hair and eye colors are permitted as these may be explained through simple augmentation. However, we ask that you avoid anything too animal-like, excessive or cartoonish. Anime/cartoon style characters do not fit within our setting but we do allow the use of the Utilizator 'Normie' and 'Venus' heads as long as they are modified to not be too cartoonlike. Small ear shape modifications are permitted for allogene and fabricant characters only.

We ask that you modify avatars that are easily recognizable from other scifi settings (such as cylons or R2D2) so as not to break the immersion of roleplay in INSILICO.

The only exception to the above character rules are “virtual avatars.” These may be as fanciful as you desire. However, use of such avatars is restricted to cyberspace & VR, and you must have another conforming avatar should you choose to roleplay outside of those areas.

Special powers are not permitted. No psychic abilities, ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, biotics, “the force”, invisibility, unaided flight, super-speed, hulk strength, or any other ability that a human/machine couldn’t realistically accomplish through augmentation

No child/under-age characters are permitted in roleplay. Small stature characters are allowed, but they must not appear or act child-like in any way.

The youngest playable character age is 18 years old. The oldest playable character age is 160 years old with an admin approved backstory. Generally, characters should be played with normal human lifespans and ages.

Roleplay Styles

  • INSILICO does not enforce one specific posting style of RP over another. The choice is left to player preference and circumstance.
  • In-character conflict may be resolved through RP, dice, or meter. The choice is yours.
  • The i1 Roleplay Meter is the only meter for use in INSILICO RP
  • Titlers are not permitted due to metagaming and immersion breaking.
  • When you are defeated, your meter HP will reach 0 and you must stop shooting. The hud prevents players from moving and players can be revived by another or wait for self revival. Meter defeat does not mean that your character is dead, only downed. It is up to you to play the injuries and severity. Teleporting out is prohibited. Whether you have been downed or are still in the fight, you cannot leave the area via teleportation until combat has been concluded

Roleplay Standards

  • Character applications are not required in order to roleplay in InSilico. However, some groups/factions may require an application to participate in their roleplay.
  • Anyone may create a new group or faction. All rules apply the same to groups as they do to players. Moderators/Admins have no authority over the internal administration of player-created groups.
  • No group/faction may advertise or solicit members with promises of L$ payments, currency, free items or other non-RP incentives.
  • Players are permitted to have multiple characters (alts), and you are not required to reveal their identity to anyone else. Avoid “cross-pollinating” information and RP details between characters you control. Also avoid placing your alts in situations that might be considered a conflict of interests, such as in rival factions. If it is discovered that a player is abusing alt permissions, an admin may require that the player remove the offending alt(s) from active roleplay. In general, a player's alts should not engage with one another ic'ly as the potential for abuse is high.
  • NPCs are admin only; any player-created character is either a main one or an alt, irrespective of the account
  • Bullying is not tolerated. Respect people and stated limits. The burden is on you to remove yourself from such situations before it becomes a conflict. Contact the other player(s) OOCly to discuss the situation first. If all else fails, contact a moderator or admin.
  • In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. Consent is not a loop-hole to pick and choose what parts of an engaged RP you will acknowledge nor a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions. If it is determined that a player is abusing the consent rule to avoid the consequences of their own RP, a moderator or admin will intervene.
  • No god-modding or power-gaming. No character is perfect, no character is all-powerful, no character is invincible, and no character is above consequences. a player can be described as a powergamer if he or she declares that their own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on their own. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in.
  • No meta-gaming. Players may only use information that their characters have knowledge of through roleplay or other in-character means.
  • Voiding a scene should be used only as a last resort
  • All combat and attacks must have a valid RP reason behind them. “Random Acts of Violence” without an IC motive aren’t permitted.
  • If you are making use of an Insilico RP location (such as Fus10n, The Blue Ant, Reakt0r), then anyone is typically permitted to enter the publicly accessible areas of that location without your expressed consent. You can not OOCly ban a player from entering a public location. If there is a concern, contact a moderator or admin.
  • The InSilico Roleplayer's group is for RP related discussion (IC & OOC). Excessive off-topic chatter, spam, and inflammatory language will lead to ejection.
  • We are all adults here. Do not engage in a verbal fight or start a feud. If you have a problem with another player/group, attempt to resolve it diplomatically and without hostility. If you are unable to resolve the situation on your own, contact an admin.
  • When a moderator/admin becomes involved in a situation, remain calm. Do not insult or harass them. They are only there help. State your case as clearly as possible and present any RP logs that might be beneficial to a speedy resolution.
  • Any behavior that is deemed disruptive to the community will not be tolerated.

Roleplay locations can be ic'ly damaged. These are general guidelines and can be overridden with admin approval. The following is for Roleplay Locations only, any damage to private residences must be discussed prior:

  • Minor damage. (Broken windows or doors; trash or graffiti on the exterior; minor theft or hacking) This can be done without permission, but the ic owner/faction head must be notified after the fact via roleplay logs.
  • Moderate damage. (Fire, interior damage, major theft/B&E/hacking) You must get permission of the person who ICly owns the place and they can refuse if there is no valid roleplay reason.
  • Full Destruction: Irreparable damage or destruction of a roleplay location requires admin approval and a valid IC reason for it


Website Conduct

The INSILICO website, forums and Discord are considered a part of the roleplay setting, and as such the same rules of conduct generally apply. However, there are some additional guidelines that should also be considered when participating on the community website.

  • The website, Discord chats, and forums are an extension of the roleplay community. As such, the same rules of conduct apply.
  • In-character blogs are posted here for exposition, but the information contained within them is generally not considered accessible by other characters. While some events may be public, or involve other characters, most blogs are written from the in-character (IC) perspective of the individual. The thoughts, feelings, inner monologues, and private actions of a character are restricted from use as it is considered a form of metagaming. Please be careful to validate how your character comes by the information that they possess and act on, particularly as blogs might present you with information that your character has not otherwise attained through consensual RP. When in doubt, ask.
  • Comments on blogs posts are typically out-of-character (OOC), and have no impact on the character/event/story. Some types of "public" blogs (ex: INN or AEON) may utilize IC comments, but these are typically an exception and are easily recognizable as such.
  • Do not police other players' choices at the OOC level. If you have a personal concern, politely contact the player directly. If there is a greater concern or rules violation, then contact a moderator or admin so that it may be addressed appropriately. This applies on all levels of player interaction.
  • Forums are more appropriate than commenting for conducting on-going discussions.
  • Blogs come in all sizes and varieties, but posts should always strive to be substantive. Short, 2-3 sentence posts that offer little to the overall story should be avoided.
  • All posts (blogs, updates, discussions, videos) should be topical to INSILICO, its story, or its themes.
  • Avoid "spamming" the site with excessive posts. Too many posts by one person can flood out new content, making it less accessible to others.
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