Citizen & Civilian Rights

A citizen is a registered, permanent resident of InSilico that is current on all applicable taxes and dues. A civilian is either a transient individual that has paid for a permit to access to the city, or is mutually recognized as a citizen of another corporation/territory.

The legal distinction between citizens and civilians is insignificant as both classes are equally protected. No authorized security provider may violate the recognized rights of citizens/civilians. These include, but are not limited to, protections from:

  • Undue harassment, coercion or intimidation
  • Unlawful physical harm, injury or death
  • Avoidable damage to personal property
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Entering a legal domicile, or violation of its privacy, without cause or warrant
  • Arrest or detainment without cause or warrant

Citizen/Civilian cooperation with private security services shall be voluntary unless an AGIS approved warrant is issued, or if the terms of an AGIS security contract otherwise provides for jurisdiction superseding individual rights.

Non-Registered Individuals

Individuals who are not registered or permitted to reside within the city have no legal rights to protection. Authorized security service providers are free to conduct themselves under their own authority concerning non-registered individuals provided they adhere to all other governing regulations, and do not endanger citizens/civilians or corporate assets.


Individuals interested in becoming a registered Citizen or temporary Civilian of InSilico must contact Insilico Private Security (IPS)

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