The Mutually Assured Systems Integrity Act (MASIA) of 2433 was introduced in the wake of the total systems collapse of the Centralized Exchange Network (CENet) on March 9, 2433. Popularly known as 404-Day, or "The Crash." The MASIA was cosponsored by 37 members of the corporate Allied Regulatory Committee and was ratified by the Universal Banking Corporation on April 3, 2433.

AI Classifications

Article IV, Section 1 of the MASIA adopted the following mandatory classifications for all artificially intelligent networked systems, and was later expanded in Amendment 7 to include all self-contained AI and robotic systems:

Class I: Low-Level Intelligences

Lowest classifiable level of artificial intelligence, designed for basic systems automation, monitoring, regulation and feedback with minimal human oversight.

Class II: Autonomous Systems Intelligences

Also known as Virtual Intelligences, these systems are capable of autonomously performing complex tasks, working cooperatively, and interacting with non-class systems with minimal or no human oversight. All ASL intelligences must be registered with the local governing agency, and accept interference and/or systems override from the licensor.

Class III: Approximate/Simulated Human-Level Intelligences

Systems designed to interact and approximate or simulate true human-level intelligence on a personal and social level. All AHL/SHL intelligences must be registered with the local governing agency, and accept interference and/or systems override from the licensor.

Class IV: Sentient-Level Intelligences

Any systems designed, or that has developed, a self-aware level of intelligence. All civilians, and entities that are not recognized by the Allied Regulatory Committee, are forbidden from owning/operating SL intelligences. Any such intelligence must be registered with the ARC, accept interference and/or systems override, and voluntarily terminate should it be determined to be at risk for becoming a Rogue-Level intelligence. [This is a restricted style of roleplay which requires admin approval]

Class V: Rogue-Level Intelligences

Any self-aware systems that are capable of self-determination and free action contrary to the limitations and restrictions imposed by programming. RL intelligences are forbidden from operating in any capacity and must be terminated upon identification. [This is a restricted style of roleplay which requires admin approval]

Class VI: Exponential-Level Intelligences

Also known as Singularity-Level Intelligences. Research and development of self-aware systems capable of exponential growth and propagation is strictly forbidden. Any systems identified as potential emergent EL intelligences must be isolated from all networks and information systems and reported to the Allied Regulatory Committee immediately. [This is a non-playable classification]


Two special ALL-Class Addendums were adopted by unanimous vote of the Allied Regulatory Committee on June 21, 2483 during the mandated decadal review of the MASIA. ALL-Class Addendums, or ACAs, are imposed limitations that are applied to all artificially intelligent systems, regardless of classification.


Self Replication: No artificial intelligence through self action may replicate or disseminate copies of its system processes as a whole or in part, or modified as a whole, or in part.


Gestalt Intelligence: All artificially intelligent systems must remain independent and isolated unto itself in such a way that its base equivalence of intelligence and cognitive capacity can not be compounded, expanded, or multiplied through networking or interface with any other artificial intelligence systems; be the programs identical, or of lesser or greater classification.

OOC Note

AIs are regulated by law in the InSilico setting. However, these regulations are strictly in-character. All AI classes, with the exception of Class VI, are playable but some require approval. The higher the level you wish to play, the higher the risk to your character it represents. You should speak to a Moderator about your desire to portray an AI before engaging in RP so that you are fully aware of the expectations and potential consequences playing such a character brings with it.

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