When you initially start, you will have to decide if your character is going to be a law-abiding Corporate/Freelance or live the shadier life amongst the Underground/Syndicate. Each of these beginning demographics have unique starting paths and are designed to help your character get started with their story.

Corporate Freelance Underground Syndicate
+5 knowledge +5 social +5 tech +5 subterfuge


By default, the Freelance demographic is the law abiding citizens of InSilico City. These are the citizens that are considered assets of the city and enjoy AGIS protection and benefits but must register their biometrics. If your character is a Corporate employee, wants to work for a corporation or is generally law abiding, this is where you will start.

Freelance Intro Path

  • Contact IPS to begin Citizenship Registration
  • Contact AGIS Medical Center for Biometric Screening
  • Return to IPS with completed Medical Screening and Filled Application
  • Once processed, Character will be informed of approval status 
  • Congratulations! if approved, Character is officially a Citizen and is protected under the Citizen Rights


The Underground is where most of InSilico City's downtrodden and undesirables exist. Many of these characters live somewhere between homelessness and the criminal world, commonly known as the Syndicate. If your character is anti-corporate, a Mutant, or a criminal, this is where you will start.

Underground Intro Path

  • Make contact with a major Underground character: 
    • Fin @CyberDoc Shop
    • Elny 
    • Nilakai @Sanjuro Lab
  • Find an opportunity to make your mark
  • If you are successful, then you may be able to persuade those with influence to get your biometrics spliced into the city's mainframe, affording a status that will make you appear as though you are a registered Citizen

As your character progresses through their stories, there will be various opportunities to join factions and groups within each of the city's demographics. Your character's story can rise up and down however you choose for it to go and those who start in a corporate position may find themselves falling down to the shadowy realm of the Underground if they're not careful. Or, perhaps your character has a crisis of conscience, deciding to leave behind their wayward compatriots and work towards a more regular corporate position, with all of the socioeconomic benefits and assurances that come with it.

Starting directly as Corporate or Syndicate (veteran players only)

In some circumstances it may be possible if you are a long time player in good standing to begin directly as Corporate or Syndicate. Speak with a moderator if you want to explore this possibility, and think about why your character would want or need to start directly there, rather than as Freelance or Underground, and work towards it.

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