Corporate law of INSILICO

The official legislation of INSILICO consists of statutory rules, acts, treaties, regulations, directives, decisions, historic precedence and consortium executive order. As a courtesy to citizens, civilians and the unregistered populace, below you may find the abridged, relevant legislation for INSILICO City ordered by category for ease of reference. Revision 2490/0807

§1 Financial (taxation and penalty) concomitant with Allied Regulatory Committee and Universal Banking Corporation

  1. AGIS and their agents will comply promptly and as fully as reasonably practicable with any and all requests for financial cooperation of its assets and burdens, as may be made reasonably by ARC and/or UBC.
  2. All citizens' financial records are made available for scrutiny to corporate directors as is reasonable.
  3. Dormant accounts or other squandered resources may be seized after a period of ninety (90) days for redistribution or reinvestment by AGIS or another corporation of AGIS' choosing.

§2 Tenancy rights and responsibilities

  1. INSILICO City is an ARC listed heritage structure, as such all residents are expected to comply with reasonable requirements to ensure the safety of themselves, those around them and other AGIS assets
  2. Available mass or denizen "impact" is restricted and commensurate with local restrictions.
  3. Any denizen found to be exceeding their designated and purchased impact is liable to have at least the excess removed at their expense.
  4. Timely payment of rates is the responsibility of the ratepayer. AGIS is not required to supply advance notice ahead of any action, including eviction and financial penalties.

§3 Asset definition and protection

  1. The assets of AGIS INSILICO include but are not limited to: superstructure, substructure, scaffold, building works, domiciled structures, architecture and design, communications infrastructure, mainframes, artistic installations, city artificial intelligence, roadways and paveways, registered companion animals, registered citizens, registered civilians, mass and city-supplied personal transportation vehicles, water, air and electricity.
  2. Registered citizens and civilians are entitled to the same protection as any other AGIS asset, and may raise justifiable complaint with AGIS or their local security representation with reasonable expectation of action or response.
  3. The burdens of AGIS INSILICO include all non-registered citizens and civilians, unsafe structures, rogue artificial intelligences, and other illegally extant life forms or life form facsimile. AGIS reserve the right to seize or otherwise appropriate any burden at any time if identified and reasonable efforts cannot be made by the burden to rectify their status.
  4. An asset has the right to defend itself with reasonable and appropriate force against another entity.
  5. All genetic and synthetic materials owned by an asset, including DNA, organic or synthetic body parts, memories and experiences, remain the property of that asset. AGIS retains a right to access, use and analyse any of these materials for an indefinite period of time as appropriate for reasonable research and public health and safety purposes. In the case of non-duplicable materials, the asset may request these are returned in a reasonable timeframe, which AGIS will grant unless these materials are extraordinary or evidential in nature.
  6. AGIS may seize and assume ownership of the genetic or synthetic material of any burden if deemed necessary for reasonable research and public health and safety purposes.
  7. Any asset or burden is prohibited from misleading AGIS or its agents as to its asset status.
  8. Any attempt to steal, destroy, incapacitate or damage an AGIS asset is a violation of these rules and regulations.


  1. INSILICO complies at all times with the Allied Regulatory Committee's Mutually Assured Systems Integrity Act (MASIA) of 2433.
  2. Accordingly, any and all rogue or exponential class artificial intelligences will be reported and destroyed.
  3. All artificial intelligences must have a designated owner or responsible person.
  4. Any artificial intelligence without an easily demonstrable owner or responsible person may be reassigned to AGIS, reprogrammed, repurposed or recycled as appropriate.
  5. All assets are expected to report their knowledge of any violations of MASIA to AGIS or their representatives without hesitation.

§5 Violation and fugitive management

  1. AGIS INSILICO recognises the authority of the Bounty.Net system for apprehension of fugitives and the optional dispensation of justice.
  2. AGIS INSILICO reserves the right to apprehend violators and mete out appropriate punishment such as the corporation sees fit to any violator of the rules and regulations as defined herein, directly or via one of its approved or overriding agencies.
  3. Violations may be categorised as misdemeanour or felony by AGIS INSILICO. Misdemeanours attract a standard financial penalty up to ¢1000 and/or temporary curfew measures. Felonies attract an unlimited financial penalty and/or asset adjustment. Asset adjustment may include but is not limited to forfeiture of citizenship, livelihood, liberty, location, property, protection rights, and residency rights.
  4. Withholding knowledge of a violator may itself be considered a violation. That violation in turn may be categorised as a misdemeanour or felony dependent on the original violator and/or the severity and/or category of the original violation.
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