Population Control

Humanity doesn't have the available real estate it once did. Without the open surface to sustain the vast majority of the population, space is at a premium. Even on the new worlds and moons, humans are being confined to claustrophobic enclosures for their own survival. Now that the population is rebounding again, many places are experiencing growing pains.

Because the corporations profit from their citizens, they have to strike a balance between growth and the infrastructure needed to support them. To minimize those potential strains, proactive population controls have been put in place. Like other cities, InSilico utilizes chemical agents in the environment that retard spermatozoa and ovum maturation, thus preventing reproduction. Anyone wishing to conceive a child must apply for a permit (and incur additional taxation) in order to receive the necessary treatments to neutralize those inhibitors. Children conceived illegally are either put up on the inter-city exchange, or sequestered away to some corporate academy...which their parents are forced to pay for.


While in-character pregnancy is not forbidden, you must absolutely have the approval of a moderator before you begin to RP around this, and know that it is something only considered for veteran players in good standing with the community. INSILICO and Second Life both have rules regarding under-age activities in certain environments, and no character less than the age of 18 is permitted to engage in INSILICO roleplay. All children are background NPCs only.

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