Earth Ruins

The planet lies broken and dying. Wars and environmental neglect have rendered the surface uninhabitable. Scattered amongst the shattered remnants of the old nations, surrounded by the flooded, irradiated, polluted regions, the last of our planet-dwellers live a harsh and brutal existence. Raw materials are the only reason to return back down to our old home, collected by the corporations in tightly sealed and monitored mining operations. The desolate terrain is cast into shadow, massive swaths of darkness punctuated by the occasional glare of unobstructed UV. home to mutants and those who cannot find their way to the floating cities, do you dare risk a trip down to the desolate wasteland that once housed the human race?




This is the seat of AGIS corporation. The station itself is a genetic factory utilizing classified technology stemming from the conduit. It houses The Consortium, the central leadership of the AGIS company and is controlled by a fabricant known as Lyra who is directly integrated into the core while clones run the day to day agendas. security is composed of AGIS combat model fabricants who, either through genetic tampering or conduit technology, are able to move through the structure in short jumps. this floating world moves from one orbit to another, allowing it to be a centralized go between in travel from Earth, Mars and more extreme reaches of the solar system. It also offers training and schooling, giving outsiders a tantalizing glimpse into the secrets of their genetics empire.



It’s a red carbon dioxide rich planet with an atmosphere that amounts to merely 1% of earths. War torn and splintered factions still struggle for a handhold in the mineral rich environment. The land hints at hidden resources in a geology that dates 4.6 billion years with micro organisms frozen in solid ice. Genetics research, mineral extraction, Terraforming operations, cloning and ever-evolving technologies are but a few of the reasons so many have pushed the limits of this new frontier. Solar storms and cosmic radiations keeps the surface bombarded with deadly levels of radiation, dust storms and changes in temperature keeps the environment hostile. The red planet is not easily approached or lived in and is not for the faint of heart. Mars is a deadly arena of roleplay where survival is an art form. The average roleplayer might need to be savvy of certain information before venturing out into the red dunes composed of Iron Oxide. this is also the primary combat area, where meter and roleplay have joined to create a unique experience found only in Insilico Roleplay. Mars remains the dedicated combat location of the sim and this means aside from a few safe zones in the areas, that you when roleplaying here you may be attacked at anytime for any reason (rp reason) with or without your consent.



Much like the internet of the past, Cyberspace is the world wide web. unlike the more basic system of the 20th Century, this is the ultimate experience. a place where you can be anything and everything you want. connected via the neural net that every child is born with, it transports your conscious into a world where only your imagination limits you. but it's not all fun and games, for hackers and cyber terrorists lurk as well. it can be a place of fun, games...or destruction. digital mainframes designed to prevent hacking and viruses can be constructed and destroyed within a matter of minutes...or can set off silent triggers that find you under attack by some of the most sophisticated systems a corp can buy. you can find anything, buy anything and be anything...but what price are you willing to pay


Insilico City

Built over 150 years ago, Insilico is the oldest airborne city. The structure used to be a strategic dock, having been planned and constructed mostly by Gemini Cybernetics. It is a dark metropolis, slowly floating thousands of meters high above the Equatorial Pacific. It is one of many cities, serving as the last airborne asylums for the small extant human population that has been forced there. the City lies at the edge of the atmosphere to escape the corroding effects of the pollution and radiation on the city's hull over time. here you will find every type and walk of life imaginable. Glittering corporate buildings tower over the dark alleys where the Underground struggle. Syndicates control the dark underworld as Corporations focus on the bottom dollar. IPS roams the streets as strippers perform in the clubs. friend or foe, who can you really trust in this dark City as it floats lazily above the destruction of Earth?



the Undercity swings precariously far below the streets of everyday life, as old as the city itself but far less familiar; very few 'topsiders' have actually seen it, only heard rumours of its existence. Built from castoff resources and home to the mutants, it has its own culture, language and infamy, notorious for outright hostility against those who don't 'belong'. This is a dangerous territory for non-mutants and only those who have been shown the way can make it safely down. Even the air is aggressive, a constant fall of polluted ash floating gently down from the nearby machinery; the very thing keeping the city afloat perpetually poisoning its closest neighbors, requiring breathing masks for anyone who isn't born to it. 

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