Breaking and Entering

Firstly it is important that you inform any online players who are members of the faction what you intend to do. This of course is done out of character and through IM's. While players are not allowed to act on this information it will allow them to get into character and add to the scenario. If no players are online IM the faction leader and leave an offline IM. Just to cover your bases. This system is designed to be done with everyone offline however its encouraged to have active players to achieve the maximum level of rp potential.

Moving on, first you must understand that the internal security of the building in question must be ascertain or the players hoping to infiltrate it are in the blind. Not knowing information like the locations of cameras, the motions sensors or alarm systems will not only hinder a player who doesn't know of them but will make infiltration a nearly impossible task. So some homework is needed before you can continue, this can be done through scouting the location in person to try to visually assess the security or to hack into the system itself from a remote location.

Assessment is done from room to room and you need to be inside the location either physically or remotely. If you are in person the security is assessed on a successful perception check and if remotely on a successful hacking test. If you fail at either you must wait and try again later and by later I mean hours later.

If you are infiltrating in the blind the modifiers to everything are increased by 20%. If you have successfully scouted the locations you are prepped and ready to move to the next phase of the operation.

So what is a modifier and how does it all work? Well a modifier changes the rolls you make. So lets say you have a hacking skill of 50% and want to hack that door. You roll your dice and roll a 40, however because the modifier may add to your roll you may or may not succeed. If the modifier is low say 10 then that would raise your 40 to a 50, (40+10=50) success. or if the modifier is higher say a 20 then your roll becomes a 60 (40+20=60) a fail. So the higher the security in an area the more likely your chance of failing at it. Each person infiltrating may try their roll and a fail on a specific security component may raise an alarm. however critical fails automatically raises and alarm.

Security Mainframes are the heart of the security system, they control the internal modifiers. In order to neutralize these mainframes you need to hack them with a difficulty modifier specific to the mainframe. In order to hack the mainframe you must neutralize the alarms in the room. You can do this either on a security check or a hacking check. Once the mainframe is neutralized so is the security modifiers. However a failure will most undoubtedly raise a silent alarm.

Security assets do not all have to be neutralized however if you don't take out those cameras they will record everything, if you don't take out those turrets they might attack you if you fail to hack a system. Decide what you want to roll against carefully, the more you try to neutralize the higher your chances of being caught. You may choose to use your security skill to neutralize them however it will be noticed if you physically tamper with a door or turret as opposed to hacking which can remain unseen. Cater to your strength and weaknesses when rolling accordingly.

Infiltration requires you to negate the security that is located from room to room. Each room has their level of security in the form of a modifier that adds to any roll made. Modifiers to security, sneak, hacking are all applied to represent the defense of each area. These will be listed as well as how to neutralize the modifiers.

Also keep in mind that these facilities are not exactly empty. While they are not manned around the clock there usually exists a moderate amount of security detail in the form of automated defenses, (turrets, androids, security guards). Players are not always around either to respond to an alarm or patrol their facilities so in the absence of responding players adhere to the statistics of the automated or npc defenses. You might have to kill a few IC (with your imagination of course) to infiltrate successfully.

While this entire system is not fool proof it relies heavily on the internal dice rolling and rp system. Characters using these rules need to have character sheets created/listed and a log kept of the roleplay for future reference. If players are able to neutralize the security, avoid raising alarms, hack all the doors and systems they are allowed access to the information listed. It is perfectly possible to infiltrate a facility and obtain information without anyone being the wiser however you need to be very lucky or very skilled to do so. Some cybernetics will allow some of these rules to be bent however those are details that need to be covered in character. So without wasting any more time lets get into an example of the detail statistics of the IPS facility.

-------------------- INSILICO PRIVATE SECURITY ------------------------

Room 1 Reception - East Facility

Security Modifiers: +10 security, +10 Hacking +10 Sneak Security Assets: Cameras x2, Turret 1, door 1, Retinal scanner 1, alarms 2 Security Mainframe: +30 hacking modifier Response Units: 2 IPS Android Security Units Failure: Will raise an alarm unless they are neutralized. Critical failure will call response units and engage turrets unless they are neutralized. Success: Will allow access to next room, will allow access to video recording on cameras.

Room 2 Operations Center - East Facility

Security Modifiers: +20 security , +20 hacking, +20 sneak Security Assets: Cameras x2, Turret 2, Biometric sensor, Alarms 3 Security Mainframe: +40 hacking modifier Response Units: 6 IPS Android Security Units Failure: Will engage turrets unless neutralized and call response units. Critical failures will identify intruders as much as possible. Success: Access to traffic control, civilian Identification, agent information, internal notes.

-------------------- RESPONSE UNITS ---------------------------------------

IPS Android Security Unit

Intelligence = 40 Perception = 50 Endurance = 70 Agility = 50 Strength = 70 Charisma = 40

Security = 80% Piloting = 60% Sneak = 60% Interrogation = 50% Hack = 30% Investigation = 30% Repair = 30%

IPS Turret Defense

Intelligence = 10 Perception = 50 Endurance = 40 Agility = 30 Strength = 30

Security = 80% Hack = 30% Repair = 30%

-------------------- FOLLOWING UP ---------------------------------------

Keep a log of everything that happens, it can cover anything you missed, if you forgot to erase the video recording it will show or if you neutralized an alarm with a security check it can be noticed after the fact. These details can be gone over later so ensure you got all your bases covered.

Concerning response units, they all get saving throws specific to the roleplay. If you are shooting an android with a security check make sure you roll its agility as a saving throw. Because none of the response units have actual corporeal form you will need to roll for them. Always roll with the one initiating the action then the saving roll. Because these are npc response units feel free to destroy them however if you raise too many alarms the gig is up. Any critical failures during your infiltration with cause the entire scenario to fail and you will need to escape with your lives. If you fail in combat rolls with the response units you may either escape wounded or (on critical fails) remain captured.

If you have any questions or suggestions just let us know in rp chat. We are trying to keep this as simple as possible however I understand that it might take a few runs before players catch on. I will end this blog with an example to help illuminate the system in play.

-------------------- EXAMPLE ---------------------------------------------

Rick wants to break into the warehouse and access a storage of frozen organs. The warehouse has 1 room and is guarded by cameras and motion sensors. He chooses to slip past the cameras with his sneak skill instead of taking them out. He rolls a 20 on a sneak and adds a 10 because of the security modifier. Luckily he scouted the area a day earlier so doesn't have to add the additional 20 to his roll. So 30 is lower than his 60% sneak which allows him to slip up to the door unseen. Now he has to get through the door, he decides to force it with his augmented strength and uses his security on the door. He rolls a 40 plus the 10 on the security modifier making his roll a 50. He rolls under his 60% security rating and manages to pull the door open enough to slip inside. The door will be noticed later however for now he remains unseen.

Once inside he knows there is a motion sensor and a few turrets. He decides to hack the motion sensor first and rolls a 50 on his hack adding the 10 modifier making his roll a 60 a fail on his hacking skill 50%. The description says that a fail raises an alarm which sounds in the room. He now needs to disable the alarm before response units show up. He rolls a 30 on a dice with the additional 10. 40 is under his 50% hacking skill thus he is able to disable the alarm. With the alarm disabled he doesn't need to worry about the motion detector and moves to the storage unit. He decides not to try to hack the security mainframe since his hacking skill isn't all that good. Instead he goes right for the storage facility he decides to force it. He rolls a 85 on his security! with the additional +10 modifier that makes it an 95 a critical fail. The turret open fires, Rick rolls for their initial attack, a security check and rolls a 14. he rolls his saving throw against his agility. He rolls a 30 with the modifier making it a 40 under his agility of 50. He successfully rolls out of the way of the turrets pin point shot. He responds with his security and rolls a 40+10=50 under his 60%. The turret gets no saving throw so he is able to knock it out of action with a shot from his side arm. Unfortunately his critical fail has cut his infiltration short and he needs to get out before more response units show up. He bolts for the broken door and slips away unfortunately with his face caught on video. He may not have gotten those expensive organs but at least he got away with his life.

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