Roleplay Tips/Terms

In the words of Bill & Ted: "Be excellent to each other..."

God Modding

taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It's against the rules and not even good roleplay. you only control your character and no one else's. when you wish to do something to another player, remember to 'attempt' or 'try'. this allows the other player a choice of how to react and keeps the rp on a fair playing terms. if you find yourself in this situation, please handle it maturely and let a staff member know if there is a problem.


while we do not force any specific style of rp(para or one line), we do ask that everyone be respectful of each other's posting styles. try not to post too often before everyone has had a chance. For paragraph style rp'ers, this can take a bit more time than single lines do. just be patient and it's nearly always worth it! if you've already posted several times but another player hasn't posted yet, stop and give them a chance. When there are multiple people in a scene, try to make an effort to allow everyone to post before you respond. If you catch yourself single posting in response to every post, pause for a moment and let everyone else catch up. This allows for a fluid scene that everyone has a chance to participate in equally. (ie Player 1 posts, Player 2 posts, Player 3 posts, Player 1 posts, Player 2 posts, Player 3 posts, etc etc)


Titlers are strongly discouraged and considered immersion breaking. you can /3 with the i1 meter to post in your character's name. Please know that if you have an extensive titler on, you will be asked to remove it.

In Character Actions = In Character Consequences

Consent is not a loop-hole to pick and choose what parts of an engaged RP you will acknowledge, and not a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions. If it is determined that a player is abusing the consent rule to avoid the consequences of their own RP, a moderator or admin will intervene


Players may only use information that their characters have knowledge of through roleplay or other in-character means. This includes things like names, race, faction and position within the city. If you haven't roleplayed it, your character does not know it.

Alternate Characters(Alts)

Players are permitted to have multiple characters (alts), and you are not required to reveal their identity to anyone else. Avoid “cross-pollinating” information and RP details between characters you control. Also avoid placing your alts in situations that might be considered a conflict of interests, such as in rival factions. If it is discovered that a player is abusing alt permissions, an admin may require that the player remove the offending alt(s) from active roleplay.

In Character & Out of Character Separation

Separation between OOC and IC is very important, and as an adult you should know that. Don't spite people OOC or IC, and definitely don't carry the anger over OOC. It's a waste of everyone's energy, including yours, and the Staff. Conflict is bound to happen in one way or another RPing--that's part of the fun! But it's just that, fun. If you find yourself becoming upset, then it's time to step back from the monitor and reevaluate your motivations. Keep in mind that im's(dm's) and anything in parentheses is generally considered OOC unless specified otherwise.


We're all here to play together, write stories and build the world. While we do not force anyone to play with anyone else, being a snob about how other players try to engage is detrimental to everyone and you may find yourself alienated. Remember to approach rp as a collaborative effort where each character helps build both the world and your own character.

Damage to Roleplay Locations

Roleplay locations can be ic'ly damaged. the following is for Roleplay Locations only, any damage to private residences must be discussed prior:

  • Minor damage. (Broken windows or doors; trash or graffiti on the exterior; minor theft or hacking) This can be done without permission, but the ic owner/faction head must be notified after the fact via roleplay logs.
  • Moderate damage. (Fire, interior damage, major theft/B&E/hacking) You must get permission of the person who ICly owns the place and they can refuse if there is no valid roleplay reason.
  • Full Destruction: Irreparable damage or destruction of a roleplay location requires admin approval and a valid IC reason for it



Sim Owned Faction/Business Leads

  • Faction Leads and Seconds must be familiar with the rules and lore and set a positive example to their members. This includes IC engagement on a regular basis as well as IC encouragement of players with the faction. It is a Lead’s responsibility to maintain and work with their group.
  • Leads must have a second in command who can replace them in absence and help keep the faction engaged and active.
  • Failing to remain active or lacking communication with your group can result in an IC or OOC removal in which the role can be taken by someone else. It is extremely important for a lead to keep their group active and happy

Player Created Factions

  • Anyone may create a new group or faction. All rules apply to groups as they would to players. The Staff has no authority over the internal administration of player-created groups.
  • No group/faction may advertise or solicit members with promises of L$ payments, currency, free items or other non-RP incentives.
  • These factions live or die by the investment you put into them. Many of the factions within our lore started as player creations and helped shape the InSilico'verse as you know it. Don't be afraid to approach the Staff with ideas or requests for help in establishing your own.
  • The Staff reserves the right to veto any faction that is found to be redundant or improbable. If you're not sure, please contact a Staff member to discuss it.


  • Can I be a Furry/Anthro/Vampire/Mage/Wizard/Demon/Alien?

While we appreciate that there are stories, video games and movies that have these kind of races/creatures in a cyberpunk setting, that's not the kind of roleplay world we are striving for. Such avatars can be used in the cyberspace setting of the sims but all other areas require a human/humanoid avatar that fits within the environment.

  • Can I rent an apartment here?

We no longer offer generalized/OOC rentals. For our active roleplayers, please contact a staff member

  • Can I use magic?

Magic is not traditionally cyberpunk and we do not have any magic in our setting.

  • Can I play a restricted character type(kid, sentient AI, illegal clone/fabricant)?

These character types are restricted to veteran community members with staff approval

  • When are people most active/around for roleplay?

Our most active time zones tend to be GMT and EST. This means you will generally find players from the EU around in the morning/early afternoon and the US players in the evening/night. If you are looking for people, feel free to use the InSilico Roleplayers chat inworld to let others know you are around and your location.

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