Private Security Regulations

This public document is to be considered an official summary of InSilico City’s laws and regulations governing private security operations within the city of InSilico, their contracted services, obligations and liabilities. It also contains an explanation of AGIS's use, oversight and expectations of private security providers.

Registration and Licensure

Private security providers must hold an IPS license in order to conduct their services within InSilico. To attain licensing, the security provider must complete the following form and submit it to the office of InSilico’s Security Director. Processing of the application will incur a non-refundable 1500c fee, regardless of acceptance. If approved, the security provider will be issued a license and the application fee will be applied toward the first three months of operations; after which there is 500c per-quarter renewal fee. All registered employees of the security provider are covered under the same license, so long as it is held current.


IS.PSS Application (rev.2)

Business Operating Name:

Owner/Operator Name:

Incorporation Date:


Employees (list all):

Partner Organizations:

AI operators License [Y/N]:

Registered AI (limited to MASIA Class III systems or lower):

Registered Clones/Fabricants:

Current Clients (list all):

Requested Jurisdiction:

Applicant Signature: __________________________ Date: ____________


Agency Policies

In addition to all corporate regulations, private security contractors are subject to agency-specific policies which may not be formally enumerated in their entirety. InSilico City’s representative agents are endowed with broad authority to create, modify and communicate any such policies as needed to meet specific security agendas.

Private Contracts

Licensed private security providers operating within InSilico may offer their services to any legally recognized business or individual. This relationship between private security provider and their clients is usually set forth in a contract, and which shall be binding so long as it is in accordance with corporate law. A private security provider may hold multiple contracts to broaden their range of clients, however any conflict of interest shall favor the client’s right to terminate.

Private security providers contracted by InSilico City to perform services for either the corporation itself, its subsidiaries, or InSilico shall be bound by a strict non-compete clause, and the provider must accept the corporation’s right to impose refusal on any clients AGIS deems to be in conflict of interest. Similarly, all contracted security providers will be bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Failure to meet these conditions will result in an immediate termination of contract(s), revocation of operating licenses, financial penalties, and potential criminal charges.

Employee Rights

Private security providers have no jurisdiction, in any capacity, over the employees of InSilico City's governing corp, its subsidiaries, or InSilico, without a valid contract between The City and the services provider. While employees are free to contract private security services for personal matters, those contracts will in no way be construed to represent any relationship between InSilico City and the service provider. The rights and privileges of employees supersede those of any non-City contracted services.

Citizen & Civilian Rights

A citizen is a registered, permanent resident of InSilico that is current on all applicable taxes and dues. A civilian is either a transient individual that has paid for a permit to access to the city, or is mutually recognized as a citizen of another corporation/territory.

The legal distinction between citizens and civilians is insignificant as both classes are equally protected. No private security provider may violate the recognized rights of citizens/civilians. These include, but are not limited to, protections from:

  • Undue harassment, coercion or intimidation
  • Unlawful physical harm, injury or death
  • Avoidable damage to personal property
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Entering a legal domicile, or violation of its privacy, without cause or warrant
  • Arrest or detainment without cause or warrant

Citizen/Civilian cooperation with private security services shall be voluntary unless an AGIS approved warrant is issued, or if the terms of an AGIS security contract otherwise provides for jurisdiction superseding individual rights.

Non-Registered Individuals

Individuals who are not registered or permitted to reside within the city have no legal rights to protection. Private security service providers are free to conduct themselves under their own authority concerning non-registered individuals provided they adhere to all other governing regulations, and do not endanger citizens/civilians or corporate assets.

Private Security Investigations

Private security providers are free to offer and engage in reasonable investigative services on behalf of their clients. However, these investigations do not grant any jurisdiction and the provider may not otherwise violate the stated protected rights of citizens/civilians or other corporate interests without the expressed authorization of InSilico City or its representative agents.

InSilico City may also contract private security providers to engage in investigative services involving citizens/civilians and businesses operating within the city. Any such authorized investigation shall grant the private security provider jurisdiction over the parties in question, and cooperation with the investigative process will be compulsory. Should cooperation not be attained through normal, best-effort methods, than the private security provider may compel such cooperation through other methods. If force is required, the service provider shall not be held liable for violations against protected rights.

Cooperation with Official Investigations

All private security providers are required by law to cooperate with official investigations conducted by InSilico City, InSilico Private Security, or InSilico City's governing corp. Any private security provider found to be hindering such investigations, or otherwise not cooperating in accordance with these regulations, will have their operating license revoked, be imposed of financial penalties, and may face criminal charges.

Rules of Engagement, Armed Conflict & Armaments

Private security service providers are permitted to remain armed and defend themselves during the course of normal duty, or in the protection of their clients and related assets. However, protective services may not otherwise interfere with, attempt to supersede, or hinder IPS's operations. Should armed conflict arise, private security providers must also attempt to marginalize all employees and assets of InSilico City, IPS or the governing corp, even if the corporation is not the contracted client. Incident performance will directly impact license status and/or future considerations, and may result in liability against the private security services provider should due diligence not be performed.

Any armaments utilized by private security providers must fall within the regulations of the city, and no military-grade technology should be utilized unless permitted specifically by IS's governing corp. Use of armed vehicles is likewise prohibited without permit.

Corporate Jurisdiction

Some corporations operating within the city may provide for their own internal security services. Unless specifically mandated by InSilico City, these internal security services will maintain self-jurisdiction in accordance with their corporate mandate so long as they act in accordance with the law.

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