Registry of Organic Companion Animals 2490 (ROCA) ordinance

As leaders in the field of advanced genetics, AGIS have long held the ability to create instances of other life, extant or extinct, providing the genetic code has been maintained. Whilst the vast majority of mesoscopic animal life has been wiped out on Earth owing primarily to the insurmountable environmental challenges that would face any species, comprehensive genomes have been acquired either through purchase of historical or intellectual property record, or sequencing from viable, contemporaneous specimens.

In very specific circumstances, AGIS may permit an individual or corporation to acquire an organic companion animal (OCA), provided these conditions are met:

  • The individual or corporation must be in fine standing with AGIS. Determination of that standing may be taken by an AGIS director at a city level or higher. If, after the acquisition of an OCA this standing is questioned then the OCA may be removed.
  • If the OCA is to be present in a city, then the individual or corporation must be in good standing in that city. Taking the OCA to a city where the individual or corporation is not in good standing may result in the removal of the OCA.
  • All OCAs are sterile. Any attempt to reverse this, breed unlicensed OCAs or attempt cloning will result in permanent revocation of registry privilege.
  • All OCAs are and remain the intellectual property of AGIS. It is illegal for any non-AGIS to sequence the genome or otherwise acquire tissue, hair or other samples from the OCA, except for the express and exclusive purpose of enforcement.
  • OCAs must not be present in any business or establishment open to the public at large which serves food or drink, except with the express permission of the proprietor.
  • The individual or corporation must make all reasonable steps to ensure control of the OCA is asserted at all times and in accordance with local regulations. Liability at all times rests with that individual or corporation.

AGIS may, at their discretion, gift or sell an OCA to an individual or corporation as they see fit. At this time, the individual or corporation will be automatically entered into the registry with their appropriate identification and biometrics matched to the OCA’s identification and biometrics.

AGIS or their local security representatives may apprehend individuals in violation of this ordinance and confiscate any OCAs accordingly.

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