Standard Grade augmentations cover the entire range of augmentations a player may begin roleplay with from flashlight eyes to enhanced hearing etc. These beginning augmentations represent the lowest level of implants and do not affect the character stats whatsoever. That being said players may imagine their own inherent augmentations to begin with which may only affect roleplay in its broadest implication. Players need to take care not to over embellish a base augmentation to punch through walls, leap to the top of buildings or see peoples hidden weapons. This falls in the range of powergaming which is why these rp system exists. The moment a player opts to purchase or change their statistic due to an augmentation they must pay for it and adhere to the system provided.

If you see an augment on this list, it is not standard and cannot be used without acquiring through roleplay

The availability means how easy to difficult it is to obtain such an augmentation. Common is easily found and can be obtained at most stores located around the city. Uncommon are obtained in only specific locations. Rare can only be obtained through private channels or ordered off world. Illegal augmentations may only be obtained off the black market. The availability also represents how long it takes to obtain the augmentations, while Common may take several days, Uncommon and Rare may takes weeks to months to coordinate or order. The general rule of thumb here is "the harder it is to find an augmentation the longer it takes to track it down, order it and install it". Use your best judgement in this regard. Also concerning all military grade augmentations, equipment or androids, you will need a high faction relation of at least 25% in order to approach them for purchasing in character.

Cybernetics require chassis or grafts while biotech required genetic modifications which act as the foundation for future augmentations. Cybertech is heavy! The more cybertech implants you have, the heavier and less agile you will be. Only six augmentations may be used at any time, in order to change out your augmentations you must undergo surgery and take the appropriate time for the changes to take effect. 

Neural Net & Chassis

Unless specified by the parents, every child undergoes nano-surgery in the womb for the implantation of a Standard Issue Neural Interface. This interface cradles the entire brain in a webbing of nano-optronic wiring, enabling communication with machines at near the speed of light. All capabilities, including hacking, data storage, and total body prosthetic capabilities are implanted, though not connected.

Having no neural net would prevent things like citizenship registration and the ability to have any augmentations.

Cybertech, as a rule, is generally too heavy for the average body to carry without creating irreparable damage to the bones and muscle. To counteract this damage, chassis' were developed to help carry the weight and physical demands that come with implanting metal and electronics inside an organic body. This implant wraps around the ribcage and spine as nanites first bond then consume the actual bone, leaving just the chassis behind. 



(these do not count towards your 6 limit)

  • Advanced Cybernetic graft, Cost 800c
  • Combat chassis, 2000c
  • Military Grade Combat Chassis, Cost 4500c


  • IFF Optical Overlay
    • +10 to perception / Cost: 1500c / Standard graft required
  • Dermal plating
    • +10 to strength / Cost 1200c / Advanced graft required *can be stacked with tech plating
  • Heuristic Functions Adapter
    • +5 to intuition / Cost 3000c / Standard graft required
  • Environmental detail enhancer
    • +5 to perception / Cost 2800c / Standard graft required
  • Neural Interface
    • +5 to intuition / Cost 5000c / Standard graft required
  • Biotoxin Injector
    • +5 to endurance / Cost 4800c / Advanced graft required
  • Aqualung
    • +5 to endurance / Cost 3200c / Standard graft required
  • Enhanced Cyber Limb(arm or leg)
    • +5 to strength / Cost 2000c each / Advanced Graft required


  • Move by wire
    • +10 to agility / Cost 2300c / -2% Global / Standard graft required
  • Padded feet
    • +5 to sneak / Cost 2200c / Advanced graft required
  • Retinal Prosthesis
    • +5 to perception / Cost 3100c / Advanced graft required
  • Thermal Masking
    • +5 to sneak / Cost 1000c / Standard graft required
  • Nano fiber skeleton prosthesis
    • +5 to subterfuge / Cost 1000c/ Advanced graft required
  • Power Recirculator
    • +5 to tech / Cost 4800c / Standard graft required
  • Augmented Arms
    • Augmented Strength perk / Cost 4200c / Combat Chassis required
  • Augmented Legs
    • Enhanced Legs perk / Cost 4200c / Combat Chassis required
  • Flex Hands
    • +5 to agility / Cost 3500c / Advanced graft
  • Foot Anchors
    • +5 to endurance / 4000c / Advanced graft


  • Smart link
    • Dead Eye Perk / Cost 2200c / Combat graft required
  • Rebreather
    • immune to poison & toxins / Cost 2600c / Advanced graft required
  • Enhanced Reflexes
    • +5 to agility / Cost 3200c / Combat chassis required
  • Microfibral Muscle
    • +5 to strength / Cost 6000c / Advanced graft required
  • Ballistic Protection
    • 4 Armor HP / Cost 2400c / Combat Chassis
  • Synthetic Heart
    • 5 to endurance / Cost 5000c / Combat Chassis
  • Bone Lacing
    • +5 to endurance / Cost 4400c / Advanced graft required
  • Radar Sensor
    • +5 to perception, limited to 20 meters / Cost 3000c / Advanced graft


Cyber Brains

  • Bio dynamics CPU, Cost 400c, 1 program slot / Common
  • Augmentation CPU, Cost 800c, 2 program slots/ Common
  • Neronet inc CPU, Cost 1600c, 3 program slots / Uncommon
  • Military Net CPU, Cost Npack, 4 program slots / Rare


CPU Software

(these do not count towards your 6 limit)

  • Tactical command livesoft
    • +5 to security, Cost 420c, Program Slot 1, requires Cyber Brain
  • Field surgery livesoft
    • +5 to medical, Cost 600c, Program Slot 1, requires Cyber Brain
  • Empathy modifier
    • +5 to charisma, Cost 800c, Program Slot 1, requires Cyber Brain
  • Deception detection
    • +5 to interrogation, Cost 600c, Program Slot 1, requires Cyber Brain



Alterations to the genetics of a player takes days to weeks real time, depending on the extensiveness of modifications. They may be modified via AGIS or any licensed biotechnology facility. The quality of the facility will effect the time for any of these modifications. (Substandard 10 days, Moderate 5 days, Upper 2 days) In addition to the mod time of the gene modification.

Gene Mods

  • Genetic modification: 2 days, Cost 5,000c
  • Genetic modification extensive: 4 days, Cost 8,000c
  • Genetic modifications military: 1 week, Cost 10,000c
  • Genome mapping
    • switch two skill with each other / 2 days / Cost 5000c / Requires Gen Mod
  • Genetic manipulation
    • change your characters entire appearance, 2 days / Cost 4200c, Requires Gen Mod
  • Transgenic Alteration
    • 25% temp alignment, 2 days / Cost 2200c / Requires Gen Mod
  • Enhanced Adrenalin Gland
    • +10 to agility / 4 days / 4200c / Genetic modification extensive required


  • Reinforced Heart
    • +10 to endurance / 1 week / Cost 2400c / Genetic modification required
  • Muscle Augmentation
    • +5 to strength / 6 days / Cost 6000c / Genetic modification required
  • Tactile Sensitivity
    • +5 to perception / 1 week / Cost 6800c / Genetic modification required


  • Genetic Infusion
    • +5 to charisma / 4 days / Cost 3200c / Genetic modification required
  • Accelerated Cell Restoration
    • +10 to endurance / 4 days / Cost 2200c / Genetic modification extensive required
  • Enhanced neuronal transmission
    • +5 to intelligence / 4 days / Cost 5200c / Genetic modification required
  • Pain Safeguards
    • +5 to endurance / 6 days / Cost 6000c / Genetic modification required
  • Elastic Joints
    • Immune to fall damage / 1 week / Cost 12,000c / Genetic modification extensive required
  • Hearing Enhancement
    • +5 to perception / 6 days / Cost 8000c / Genetic modification extensive required
  • Mnemonic Enhancer
    • +5 to intelligence / 1 week / Cost 7000c / Genetic modification extensive required
  • Heartbeat Detector
    • Heartbeat Detector perk / 1 week / 12,000c / Genetic modifications military


  • DNA reprint
    • 25% temp alignment / 6 days / Cost 3,200c / Genetic modification extensive required
      • to discover this inworld, you must have a high reputation and ask the right questions to the right people
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