Insilico Corp Avi?

2 years 6 months ago #63 by Elsie
Insilico Corp Avi? was created by Elsie
Am currently rp-ing as Daria Tremor, and want a former Reaktor dancer doing entry-level corporate work lewk, a human who grew up in Insilico but who has robot dreams, and a BTL's habit. (She's an older character, returning after years.)

(My "Elspeth Placebo Returns From Chrysanthemum City" backstory and lewks need work, so Daria is seeking necessary authorizations and clearances, and openly pursuing Elsie's interests. Daria is quite open to communication and can always 100% reach Elsie in Chrysanthemum City in real-time!)

So what would you go with? If you could trick out an IS avi, along with the local shops, what shape and skin and head, or which designers and brands, for example, are your jam or your recs? Thanks!

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2 years 6 months ago #85 by Tae Westing
Replied by Tae Westing on topic Insilico Corp Avi?
If it is corporate, personally I think there is a wide range available. I personally only have a handful (at most) of 25th century "tells" on me. Most of my corporate attire isn't a million miles away from what you might find in the 21st century - I would say that finding something you like that is broadly corporate fitting for nowadays would work well in Insilico!
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