Spaceship Random Encounter

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1.a, Determine Ships
(roll each part and calculate total traffic)

20/10/6 High/Med/Low Traffic
4/6/8 best/good/poor sensors (ghosts)
2/4/6  hostiles (high/med/low) sec
2/4/6 law (low/med/high) sec
2/4/6 (low/med/high) salvage

1.b, Player is allowed to activate EMC at this time. While EMC is active there is a -20 to all sensor rolls)

2, Roll Sensor skill

After you have figured out how many signals are within the play area, you need to assign them a designation. Write out a numbered list of ships, this will represent the ship pool. When you succeed a sensor check you will randomly assign the ship based off the random roll from your ship pool. Assign a ship a designation going clockwise from your vessel. On a failed roll, you are unable to identify the ships during this round. On a critical fail roll more ghosts onto the board in accordance with your sensor rating. (If you are EMC you are only allowed passive sensor range, and enemies have a -30 modifier to detect you.)

*On fail you may want to add more Ghosts or hostiles to the scene. determine a proper value and roll for those values to add to the map.

3. Determine action then apply actions for all ships this turn. Including initiating combat. (Roll D10, enemy ship attack closest ship on even numbers, players on 1 or 0)

Ships have different hit points and stats. 

Easy ships have a 40/40 combat/evasive skill

medium ships have a 50/50 combat/evasive skill with 150hp and 150dmg torp, 75dmg pdc.Sensor to detect 50. 8 missiles

Hard ships have a 60/60 combat/evasive skills with 250hp and 200dmg torp, 100dmg pdc.Sensor to detect 60. 16+


Provisions represent the Reaction Mass, the food and bio-gel used by Fabricants and the general need for survival in the ship. A crew member uses a single unit of provision a day. A larger crew requires more provisions. 

1 unit of provision is used a day for the crew, each provisions cost 1k credits.



 United Corporate Federation (Earth & Luna)
 Mars Corporate Navy (Mars)
 SOL (Ceres)
1 Earth
2 Mars
3 Ceres
4 Jupiter
5 UBC / Ny Zurich
6 Midway
7 Synthetic
9 Pirate

1 Space nomad ship
2 Courier vessel
3 Small private vessel overtaken by a madman
4 Abandoned cargo container (empty)
5 Small fighter on collision course
6 Military transport with small escort
7 Smugglers hiding something on a nearby asteroid
8 Dead body in a space suit
9 Ship of swindlers selling fake technology
10 Bounty hunter
11 Small private vessel (spies of an enemy faction)
12 Freighter (absolutely ordinary one)
13 System militia patrol
14 Space treasure hunters
15 Miner base ship
16 Lifepod (living survivors inside it)
17 Ramshackle mothership of a spacers
18 Stealth battleship suddenly appears on sensors
19 Cloud of weaponized nanites that can damage ship’s hull
20 Temple ship of the fanatics
21 Cloud of ordnance still running with momentum
22 Small ice asteroid with an technology sunken inside it
23 Lone naval mine
24 Space tug
25 Pirate ambush in the small asteroid field
26 Space scrap gatherers
27 Freighter full of refugees
28 Lone asteroid with an abandoned mine
29 Abandoned cargo container (booby trapped)
30 Space pilgrims
31 Private yacht stolen by thieves
32 Navigational buoy
33 Giant ancient battlefield
34 Space trader ship
35 Remains of destroyed convoy
36 Colossal space array
37 Solar storm of, disturbing instrument reading
38 Battleship transmitting SOS signal (plague on board)
39 Deserters posing as system militia
40 Mercenary base ship
41 Giant city ship
42 Lifepod (all aboard are dead)
43 Wreck of a courier vessel
44 Freighter transmitting SOS signal (decoy of pirate ambush)
45 Frozen body of fabricant
46 Freighter under attack of pirates
47 Asteroid hollowed out by rock hoppers
48 Research vessel
49 Prison ship
50 Freighter being used as a grave of a space fanatics
51 Freighter transmitting SOS (main drive malfunction)
52 Small private vessels (ordinary travelers)
53 Slaver ship
54 Special purpose freighter, carrying dangerous cargo
55 System patrol frigate attacking pirate ship
56 Colonist ship hundreds of years old (crew still sleeping in cryo!)
57 Antique satellite controlled by an insane AI
58 Giant superfreighter
59 Sealed military cargo container (weapons inside)
60 Enemy fighter pilot calling for help
61 Ship of Ares Initiative assassins disguised as pilgrims
62 Wreck crashed on a surface of a lone asteroid
63 Huge mine field
64 Enemy patrol ship willing to switch sides
65 Vessel of unknown origin (no crew aboard)
66 Lifepod (lone, insane survivor)
67 Carrier ship
68 Abandoned cargo container (full of illegal drugs)
69 Luxury private yacht
70 Bounty hunter vessel pursuing his prey
71 Burned out wreck hauled by a tug
72 Diplomatic vessel of another faction / from another planet
73 About a dozen asteroids
74 Smuggler’s freighter
75 Prison ship taken over by inmates
76 Freighter convoy protected by military vessels
77 Navigational buoy leading to pirate ambush
78 Luxury liner
79 Ancient unexploded missile fitted with nuclear warhead
80 Battleship transmitting SOS signal (mutiny on board)
81 Wreck robbers at work
82 Wreck of a freighter with space AI onboard
83 Cloud of space debris several kilometers wide (remains of a battleship)
84 Two civilian vessels fighting each other (old enemies)
85 Sealed military cargo container (deadly viruses)
86 Space tanker
87 Small cluster of asteroids and miners working there
88 Sentient Space Weapon waiting for prey (such as small vessels)
89 Pirate mothership
90 Lone fighter lost in space
91 Wreck of a freighter adapted by a hermit
92 Enemy frigate on a corsair run
93 Huge cloud of space dust
94 Heavily radiated wreck of a small military vessel
95 Luxury private yacht converted into a pirate ship
96 Sealed military cargo container (empty - a provocation)
97 Fabricant ship speeding in its own direction
98 Hundreds years old exploration ship
99 Enemy battlecruiser
100 Roll two times and pick both
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