Space Combat

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Space Combat was created by Stark Osterham
Step 1: . Each starship rolls a Perception check modified by the ships sensor rating to determine which ships are aware of each other at the start of the battle. stealth devices may hide a starship from another starship’s sensors.

Step 2: All starships roll for initiative.

Step 3: If some but not all of the starships are aware of their enemies, a surprise round happens before regular rounds begin. Starships that are aware of the enemies can act in the surprise round. In initiative order (highest to lowest), starships that started the battle aware of their enemies each take one move or attack action. Starships that were unaware don’t get to act in the surprise round. Combat should always begin with a surprise round unless all starships are considered surprised.

Step 4: All starships roll for initiative.

Step 5: Action phase. Starships declare non-combats orders; communications, Damage-Control, engaging engines, collecting new sensor data, etc. (Declare a called shot at a -30 to hit modifier)

Step 6: Movement phase. Starships move order is from highest to lowest initiative score. High G burns apply damage. (1 grid square per movement phase, 2 grid square if non fire *endurance checks, 3 grid square high G burn with sustained damage.)

Step 7: Missile movement phase.  Missiles travel over great distances and have a falloff of around 100k due to fuel restrictions. Missiles require a firing solution from a gunner. The success of the gunners skill determines the missiles chances to acquire a hit.

Step 8: Weapons resolution. The starships attack in order from highest to lowest initiative score. A gunner cannot use PDC and fire a missile in the same combat phase. Players can call their shots if the target vessel is in the players ships registry. A player may choose where to hit the target ship with a -20/-30 modifier to hit. Any critical roll on attack or defense, inflicts subsystem damage. There is no defense when targets are adjacent or rail.

Step 9: Missile resolution. Any missiles in play are resolved in order from highest to lowest initiative score, depending on their travel distance. Missiles contact is rolled against the missiles to hit rating. Missiles travel at a rate of 1 second per turn on the grid.

Step 10: When each starship has had a turn, repeat steps 4 thru 10 until combat ends.
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