Enemy AI Behavior Table

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Step 1: Is behavior obvious?

Is it completely obvious what the enemy should do this turn? If so, do that. 

Otherwise, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Strategy (D20)

1: Panic: If enemy has < half HP, it must succeed on a will saving throw or it attempts to flee combat. If successful, treat roll as Defensive / Subterfuge.

2: Reckless / Wild: Enemy changes targets and performs Basic Attack.

3: New Approach: Enemy changes weapons or general strategy if possible (ex: switches from melee to ranged weapon). If doing so would put it at risk,
or if the meaning of this would not be immediately clear, treat roll as Basic Attack.

4-5: Defensive / Subterfuge: Enemy focuses on defense, cover, or an opportunity to hide, ambush, or sneak attack etc. 

6: Helpful: Enemy prioritizes supporting or aiding its allies, if it can do so without putting itself at increased risk or danger.

7: Sacrifice: Enemy prioritizes supporting or aiding its allies, regardless of the risk.

8-20: Basic Attack. Enemy attacks its target.

Step 3: Pick Target (D20)

If Enemy need to choose a target, roll on this table.
Once a target is acquired, enemies will remain focused on that target until:
• their Strategy roll potentially requires a new target
• current target becomes incapacitated or unconscious
• monster is unable to attack the current target

1-4: Random: random target (Tip: use the value, 1-4, to determine which specific PC).

5-12: Nearest: prioritizes enemies by distance (closest first).

13-16: Vulnerable: prioritizes targets by which appear the weakest / most
vulnerable (best guess).

17-18: Revenge: prioritizes targets that most recently attacked the monster.

19-20: Strategic: prioritizes targets it can likely do the most damage to while
also providing itself the best defensive options (best guess).

(If a final tie break between multiple targets is needed, roll for it randomly.)
If enemy is humanoid or capable of strategy, add 5 to Pick Target roll. 
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