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Bet you do know know everything we offer.... To learn more simply scroll below.

InSilico's Premiere Luxury Destination, The SkyGate Hotel is situated high in the sky, framing breathtaking views of everything the city has to offer. The lights will inspire you from our spacious award-winning guestrooms that are comfortable, warm, decadent, and rich in culture.

We have hosted some of the system's most prominent figures, Actress Elana Galient from says, "What perfect and on point assistance. The hotel staff remembers exactly how I like my room and what foods I would like to try. Their recommendations are spot on. Conrad is just a doll -- Surely not a sight for sore eyes..."

The SkyGate is not only for those far getting away, a staycation is also here for you. Our very own citizens enjoy our venue... j

With all the travels, you need not worry about your valuables parked around the city. Sleep with peace of mind in our state of the art, Vault.* If you have enough reputation with us at this hotel, you need not even stay here to use this amenity. So indulge at this most perfectly secluded getaway with your mind at ease, as the SkyGate Hotel is forged with security that could rival that of even AGIS themselves. Perfect for corporate events and internal meetings: discretion, protection, and neutrality are our focus, with a range of amenities and equipment.

Relax and Revive. A resort in and of its own, treat yourself, as the SkyGate features a full-service Spa, with sparking pools of rejuvenation and life. Soothe your senses or work out with our finest gym equipment.

Featuring evening socials, with high-class nightlife and a casino for only the highest of high-rollers, the SkyGate Hotel is an ideal choice for easy access to fine dining, finer shopping and the finest entertainment.

Remember, here at the SkyGate Hotel: The Sky Is The Limit


Three Extended Stay Weekly Suites
(Note: You can not be renting anywhere else in the city, this would be your rental)
Hotel Suite: 150c
Large Hotel Room: 100c
Small Hotel Room: 75c

Guestroom Nightly Stays
(Note: Anyone can rent these out. Even if you have a rental on sim, and even if you are not even renting with a rental tag.)
25c a night, which includes a Spa Package.
Romantic packages and offerings can be requested. Other highlights will be featured at a future time.

*We will not store any nuclear items that present harm to those who manage the hotel. 
((Subject to change and updates))
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