Tunnel Murders Finally Resolved?

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #101 by INN
Beware the Bonny Blue
AGIS Security has released an official statement regarding the so called 'Tunnel Murders':

"After a very long and tedious road, forensics has officially and incontrovertibly tied the 'Tunnel Murders' to an augmented female that commonly goes by the name of Askani. She has been identified as a former Blue Ant Manager and citizen in semi-good standing. A warrant  and a bounty for her has been issued and her citizenship has been revoked. If spotted, treat her as very dangerous and report her to your nearest AGIS Sec or IPS Agent."

dear Readers, did you gasp like I did? Be careful out there, you never know who might secretly be conducting genocide and trying to frame you...

~Stormy Weathers, reporting
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