There is a's Laweson, Lawson's the Bomb.

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Laweson's Week Starts with a Bang!
Explosions, blood and the sound of sirens. The SouthEast sector, home to the infamous area known as the Shades, is no stranger to destruction and the cries of the injured. But Monday's explosions suggest a sinister return to the chaos of yesteryears.

The Apollo building, home to long time security group, Ravenwatch, appears to have been targeted by some malice and many claim to be baffled by this. It's believed to have started with a small vehicular explosive, triggering a fire and response teams. It ended with nearly a dozen injured, citizens and Shades residents alike, and millions in property damage. But no one has laid claim to the violence and without the old faces or names, IPS may very well struggle to find the culprits without a bit of luck.

Rumours on the street have long suggested that someone has been stirring up the dark corners of our Fair City, Harvester incidents on the rise and unusual mutant activity. SouthEast has always been a sector apart, ever since the AI took control years ago. It makes one wonder, dear Readers, what might be brooding there?

On a lighter note, dear Readers, Laweson Day is here again! With the rebirth of its founder, the Church of Lawson has been busy spreading the good news and planning tributes to their High Hedonist, Richard Lawson himself. Keep an eye out for the man to make an appearance, he does so enjoy a show! And Laweson knows, our Fair City could use some delights in these dark times. The Adult Services & Entertainment Unions have declared all visits half off this weekend in honor of 'Big Papi" as they affectionately call Laweson himself. After all, he was Man of the Year twice!

~ Stormy Weathers, reporting
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