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Merry...Deathmas? was created by INN
A reported string of penthouse murders committed late on the eve of Christmas day has come to light in the city. Four bodies in total found in elevations of the triple digits--what terrible present to the city could this be? To add insult to indefinite injury, each were found in positions of compromising morality in plain site of the public from above. Our field drones caught these grisly sights, and as an exclusive to our INN readers we bring them to you! 

Dear readers, we can only speculate as to how they ended up this way. Elaborate ritual suicide? Lover's quarrels? Professional hits? Augmentation sharks? Maybe too much Lawesonmas cheer has passed through their lips, lungs, neural interface or veins? Given their status and the festive season, it could be anything that has led them to these ends. Happy holidays to all of you Insilicans...and let's hope...that you don't befall a similar fate in the new year.

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