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Setting the Record Straight?

Director Korpov reached out to INN through a third party, mutual trust and a neutral location later, she tells another side to the story reported by INN last month.

Keen to avoid comparisons to the previous security team, Director Korpov emphasizes the importance of solid training, and nearby was fresh recruit by the name of Naorei. "Making people feel safe is one of our primary aims." This reporter commented that the city is still feeling anxiety over terrorist threats, implication being this primary aim is no bad thing.

The director pulled out a huge round - 30 by 117mm - from her pocket and dumped it right out there on the table at our location. A prop either to stimulate debate, or to make a point. The effect wasn't missed on our third party, giving opinion they shouldn't be out on the street as automatic defenses.

Director Korpov hit back, reinforcing it was under her command the whole time. Surprised, your reporter here asked if she ordered it to fire on the victim, Tam Perricone. The recruit interrupted with a textbook quote of those ancient laws of Newton. The director's point was, this kind of thing is going to ruin someone's day.

Claiming the "widow" to be a last resort weapon, she asked a rhetorical, something to ponder on. How did the delivery driver escape unscathed, when a cheap handgun could put a hole in the truck itself? Director Korpov says he escaped because she let him go.

So, how does the director tell us everything went down? This reporter advises the director that the court of public opinion is not kind, and to choose those words wisely. I give you, dear readers, her version of events. A chronology.

"All right. 2491-05-22 20:49:02 the Surveillance system registered gunfire exactly at the entrance of the AGIS Medical Lab. The heart and soul of the city and the very essence of our primary objective was triggered. Based on the location combined with gunfire, the IPS immediately scrambled to pacify the situation with full force."

"This was not an armed robbery in this moment, but it looked like a terrorist attack at the medical lab. A widow was deployed, but has not received a firing order yet. Upon sight of the tank, the robbers dispersed into several directions. Letting the widow pursuit one of them, would leave the medical facility undefended."

"I warned the remaining witnesses and suspects to remain in position, until the situation clears out and gave the drone the order to stop any further attempts of suspects leaving the scene. I asked them nicely to stay, gave a clear warning of the use of lethal force, lowered my weapon and approached the scene. And then the remaining suspect, the woman named Tam, made an attempt to flee."

"The problem is that the dead do not speak, but the driver mentioned, that she might have been selling the route to the robbers, this would explain her suicide attempt. I wish we were able to interrogate her and give her a proper trial, but unfortunately this is not possible."

Your faithful reporters asks a couple follow up questions: if the driver was saying Tam Perricone was selling the route, were there polygraphs or other tests done, to get real close to the truth. Was the driver registered, with no illegitimate documents? Any reason at all to doubt this witness credibility? The security director's answer?

"What do we learn from this. Crime does not pay. And as much as I do not see myself as some form of street judge, sometimes we have to make quick decisions, sometimes situations escalate and we have to deal with the consequences. Fact is, if you cooperate with the IPS, when you have nothing to hide, we are here to help you and there is nothing to fear."

"Judging from the witness report of the driver, the facts and clues on location, it is very likely that this woman had something to hide and chose very poorly. It is more than likely that she cooperated with the robbers to begin with as some side job. Remember she was unregistered? Another clue to a live as some... "Shadowrunner"."

"So please, I want everyone to know, that we are here to protects you, like the AGIS lab, we will do so with full force and if you stand by our side, help us fight crime, like the RWC or other lawfull people in this wonderful city. You have nothing to fear. The IPS has nothing but your safety in mind, but for doing this, we need your cooperation."

And her advice?

"Be like Allan. A hard working, tax paying citizen of Insilico, who delivers goods across the city for a living. Papers all done, cargo secured, cooperating with the IPS. Unlike his treacherous collegue. Not only leeching on services by not paying taxes but even calculating the possible death of a friend in a robbery in a cold hearted, selfish way."

Was there any other way, in her opinion? Anything at all? She says yes!

"If the situation had occured at another place than the AGIS medical lab, I surely would fire a Taser instead. But at the front door of AGIS medical... no compromises. I wish I could have persued the robbers, but other than this name.. Eddy or something like that, we have nothing and there are thousands of Eddies in this city. Talking about registered Eddies alone."

"Do I wish I could have done more? Yes. But for that I do not need gunpower, I need woman and men like Recruit Yakubu here, willing to bring peace and order even into corners of the city which we are not able to prioritise at the moment. Men and woman who will a ask questions, care about what and how, you and I are doing, observe and protect."

The recruit, a younger woman, has been standing near by for the entire time, and says everything at IPS is straight forward, duties clear, and great support. Like you, dear Readers, I take statements made in presence of superiors like this with pinches of salt. She sounded legitimate enough. Maybe more recruitment and more support is one way to stop this in future. Sometimes, it can be in the most simple way:

"If Allan would have come to the IPS and report his suspicions about his co-worker, this unfortunate death could have been prevented."

Anyway dear Readers, there you have it, straight from the security director's mouth. Is RWC really the upstanding citizens she claims? Haven't several members of RWC been arrested for illegal or illicit activities in the past? Is it really just coincidence that one of their members was on the scene of the incident in question? An incident that involved someone named Eddy, when RWC employs someone with a similar name and an arrest history?  Are 6 month old 'terrorist' events enough justification for turning a full blown spider tank loose on the populace? After all, the Director had no way of knowing Tam was unregistered until after she'd been shot to death. It's easy to blame those who cannot speak for themselves. And were those 'terrorist' events really so high profile that they deserve such a response? From what can be recalled, a bartender got blown up, a woman set herself on fire and there was a bounty hunt in the SE Sector. dear Readers, is that enough justification for IPS to be gunning down anyone in the streets?  Are IPS's claims enough to make up your own minds? Let us know with a comment at our south west INSILICO offices, or on our public message boards. What is the judgement of the court of public opinion? 

~Stormy Weathers & Ciabhan Norton, reporting

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