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Old Habits Die Hard as IPS Leaves Blood in the Streets

If a person walks down the streets of the SouthWest sector, they might notice the clean lines of AGIS Medical Center or note Dr. Wong's disconcerting display of dismemberment. That person may also take a moment to admire the variety of advertisements and promotional efforts that shine around them...especially the ones that scream out 'Murderers'. Bold, bright red graffiti now shimmers over the various IPS recruitment posters, full of accusation and demands for attention. IPS has countered with graphic images claiming that their most recent victim was part of a hostile burglary attempt and that they were merely 'doing their job'. 

But, dear Readers, that does not seem to be the full truth. Tam Perricone, age 29, was not armed and did not hurt anyone. A recent transplant from Luna, Tam was simply one of our saddest members of society. An unregistered who was intimate friends with the delivery driver, Allen, who had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sources say she was riding along with Allen as he conducted his normal delivery route when they were held up at gunpoint outside of AGIS Medical. After citizens reported gunfire, IPS Director Ysanne Korpov showed up with a spider tank as back up but no other officers. Shit really hit the fan then, as the supposed criminals scattered and IPS continued to menace the victims. Poor Tam, facing down a spider tank after being shot at by concealed 'criminals', she attempted to flee for her own safety and was promptly gunned down. Allen also appeared to have fled the scene but he at least took the truck with him as armor against the aggressive tank. Good job, Director, way to murder the victim and let the evidence leave the scene. Perhaps a cover up was already being formulated in that philosophical brain?

dear Readers, I have so many questions and I have no doubt you do too. Why is IPS attempting to paint a murder victim as a criminal, unregistered or not? Why is IPS even using something as massive and aggressive as a spider tank in the first place? After years of military grade equipment being banned from city limits, who in AGIS thought it would be good idea to give IPS such a toy with no supervision? IPS has long had a history of overly aggressive tactics, up to and including arresting a blind man using a gunship. So much for Korpov's claims of IPS being better than its past, this weekend suggests things are right back to their usual antics. 

Another thought I had, dear Readers, is...what about these supposed criminals? Our Fair City has its share of crime but can any of you remember the last time anyone was foolish enough to attempt something as small as armed robbery outside of any AGIS facilities? The last time the medical centre came under attack was by Harvesters years ago. And we all know that's not exactly a stable group. Not to mention, the sheer level of chaos they seemed to be in themselves. It certainly looks like it was amateur hour over there. There are claims that one of them even shouted the other's name, witnesses say it was sounded like Eddie. dear Readers, we've had bumbling idiots as criminals before but this group appears to be begging to get caught. Yet, IPS was more interested in gunning down one of the victims and letting evidence drive away. Perhaps, there are connections between the two groups we have yet to see?

dear Readers, as Harvester attacks are on the rise, rumours of a radical group taking control of the Shades and now IPS spilling blood in the streets...who do we turn to for real help? With AGIS issuing warnings about wandering around alone, more bodies turning up with holes instead of implants and Murderers emblazoned across the SW Sector, this reporter thinks we're in for some dark days. Take care of yourself, dear Readers.

~Stormy Weathers, reporting
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>>// IPS_official. (User verified)
I appreciate the quick report and your work to keep our citizens informed about current news.
However, there must have been a few issues with the information about the chain of events on this particular day, that you received so far.
Of course I am not asking you to uncover your sources, I think it is in everyone's best interest that we should clarify this unfortunate event in an interview.

I want you to know that the IPS is there to keep the public safe at all times and has nothing but your safety in mind and that we are willing to be open to our procedures and rules of engagement.
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