Science Symposium Pranked

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AGIS has put out an official warning to all citizens of InSilico City. There has been increased violence on the streets involving attacks on augmented persons leaving them either incapacitated or dead. It is recommended that citizens stay clear of the SE sector of the city and try to avoid being out late at night alone. It is believed to be the work of Harvesters but no solid evidence has been found.

Today in the sciences:
Dr. Habib Algiers was accused of attempted fraud at the InSilico Data Sciences Symposium after attempting to claim a major prize offered by Dr. Shrestha Anil. The million credit reward was for anyone who could 'present a working prototype that promotes advancements in the cybernetics field'. Dr. Algiers has reportedly been bragging about his concept for months, inducing massive anticipation and record attendance numbers at this year's Symposium.

Unfortunately, when presented, his prototype instead began playing a series of ancient children's videos that could not be turned off until the series was completed, forcing an abrupt end to that entire day's events. Locals claimed they could hear the theme song being played late into the night. When asked for a comment, Dr. Anil, head of the Symposium, could only gibber in fury.

Better luck next time, Dr. Algiers! (if they let you back in)

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