Robot Reaving

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Robot Reaving was created by INN
Mechanical Mutilation on the Rise

City Services reported today that there seems to be a rise in aggression towards our artificial compatriots. While not usually vulnerable to physical attacks, the mutilated robots appear to have been first hacked then stripped of seemingly random parts. City Services claims that there is no discernible pattern outside of the general savagery of the removals. They go on to say that the missing parts include things like optics, limbs and alloys while leaving behind the more usual salvage. Very rarely have the motherboards been removed yet City Services claim they cannot get any real information from them. They believe that, due to the hacking, the visuals of hooded figures with glowing eyes is merely a scramble instead of usable footage.

Dear Readers, what an odd thing for our Fair City. Violence is not unusual here, nor is the salvage of our AI compatriots. But rarely have we received reports of such jarring information. These attacks sound like Harvesters on the move...yet, dear Readers, Harvesters don't attack robots. At least not in any remembered history. While rumours have lingered about these ominous figures, former shock troopers of the Ghost Dragon Syndicate, no one has seen or heard of a coordinated attack in months.

What does this mean, dear Readers? Are the Harvesters up to something? Word on the street is nothing but mere whispers of something deeper occurring within the shadowy realm of the Shades. Who knows what deadly things breed in the darkness there?

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

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