Discovery on the Docks

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An explosive find

Our Fair City was rocked by a discovery earlier this week down in the docks.

An unassuming, standard container the kind we see every day being shipping in and out of the city, today did not carry the life blood supplies for our city that we rely on for work, rest and play, but instead hid a deadly cargo.

This reporter was given exclusive access to the scene by the Director of the Insilico Private Security service, Ysanne Korpov.

An imposing mech, former Gemini tech, was guarding the scene menacingly. Whatever else they may be, IPS are not soft when it comes to keeping intruders out. The director stood the mech down and let me in the container, and readers I was not disappointed.

A real Aladdin's cave for the aspiring terrorist was laid bare. The Director informed me that there was "enough C4 to bring down a building".

Now, of course, the question you all have on your lips: which building were they planning to attack with these explosives? Who did they want to kill and maim?

The answer will sicken even the hardest hearted: AGIS Medical. That's right, everyone. These terrorists, these blight scum of our city, wanted to kill the unwell, the vulnerable, the young and old. They wanted to end the lives of the brave medics and researchers at that facility, the ones who work forever without fatigue to cure our sick and save our heroes.

dear Readers, whatever you are feeling about our corporate overlords, murdering good people is not the way to change things your way.

And who was behind this dastardly plot? Was it disgruntled Gemini employees desperate to relive the glory days? Rogue operatives from Mars? No!

The answer, according to Director Korpov, is by these Fourth Call lunatics. The same people hacking bar bots to stop your hard earned drinks being served to spread their vile messages. This religious cult is a danger to everyone. One of their number immolated themselves in the fond burlesque light of our beloved Reakt0r club, putting industrious dancers at risk along with our citizens enjoying their company at the end of a long day of work.

Director Korpov has a message for everyone. That message is if you know someone involved with these terrorists, or have any information, please get in touch.

She says "For now we have prevented a terrorists attack on the building. But even if we are closing in on them, we need the people to keep their eyes open. Like after the suicide at the reactor club. The IPS is there to help you, to keep you safe but we need to fight alongside against the threat. So if anyone sees something suspicious, if suddenly your neighbour starts praying or begins to spread anti corporate propaganda, please report and we can take care of them. Like we did here."

You can send the information directly to IPS or if you want to do it anonymously, send it directly to INN, through either our field reporters or personally to my account. It doesn't matter if they are your neighbors or friends, they need help, and you, dear Readers, deserve to be safe.

After all if they would kill sick children and injured heroes, where do they draw the line?

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

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