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Old Habits Die Hard for InSilico Metro Police

InSilico Metro was supposed to be a rebrand and a rebirth for our fair City. Shaking off the old sleaze that characterized InSilico Private Security and their stripper cops, their ties to the Ghost Dragon Syndicate and their casual brutality. IMP was supposed to be AGIS's clean and shiny new version that promised the proper handling of everything from citizen registration to the dirt on our streets. IMP started with good intentions, but you know what the road to Hell is paved with and somewhere Lawson himself is laughing.

Recent reports from concerned citizens has revealed that a rash of illegal, and frankly clumsy, hacking has occurred. Citizens report everything from private sex feeds and personal memories to corporate emails and UBC access has been stolen from them. AGIS Security has issued several warnings about the ongoing problems and requests all affected to please contact them immediately.

How do these two things tie together? Dear Readers, I must sadly report that reports are beginning to implicate IMP itself in the illegal hacking and information seizures.

And that's not all....
dear Readers, word on the street is that it's not the average IMP street cop desperate for a fix stealing your information. Rumour has it that it's coming from the very top, someone in a high position in IMP has dirty cyber fingers and we're not talking about a certain Sgt's taste for interactive hentai.

Just what, you have to ask, does someone in a high position of IMP need with legal citizen information? Is the corruption within the corporate security already so deep? Many of you remember the corruption that tainted IPS and its directors, are we doomed to repeat this cycle again?

When will AGIS take control of this situation? dear Readers, it's time to demand some answers! If no one else will protect our fair City, who will? dear Readers, contact Dr Tae Westing, Director of AGIS's Insilico City Affairs or Eve Dimitriaski herself, CEO of AGIS. Contact and demand some answers and some action! Clean your house, AGIS, before someone else does it for you.

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

Explosions Shakes Sector 36

The Shades....a place known for its danger. A place known for its criminality, where the good Citizens don't wander, where the shadows are alive and watching you. For a time, it's been a quiet area, business as usual and nothing to upset it. The lines between Citizens and underground invisible but known. But, dear Readers, this has been changing. And last night, that change rang out with the crashing sound of explosives that were once so familiar.

It started small, a few fires here and there. Some bloody bags left around inconvenient spots. Shadowy robes slipping around a corner, leaving behind blood stains and bafflement. Rumours of increased Harvester activity and increased shipments from Mars. And we all hoped it was just the restless stirring of a sleeping dragon, shifting on top of its hoard as it yawned. After all, who would poke such a thing just to see its eyes?

Insilico's Metro Police would, that's who. dear Readers, there are now confirmed reports of a certain explosive Dragon Boss engaging with a crowd of IMP members. Sources claim that IMP was harassing a mutant that works in the fighting pits when the altercation occurred. What initially started as a polite conversation culminated in aggressive actions from IMP as they attempted to attack another mutant. It would appear that the Boss lady has a soft spot for our lesser members of society, setting off several bombs in their defense. She and her cohorts then left the scene, abandoning the injured IMP officers to the mercy of the Shades.

dear Readers, what can that mean for our fair City? The Shades have been controlled by the syndicates, most notably the Ghost Dragons, for longer than most can remember. Why would IMP gather so flagrantly within its borders?

But that's not all, dear Readers, for eyewitness reports mention that at least one IMP member immediately fled the scene upon the Ghost Dragon's arrival. Is there something more nefarious going on in IMP? Was this an act of foolish arrogance or a more calculated move of desperation?

Is the strained peace between the Ghost Dragons and our fair City at risk? Were the recent acts of aggression warnings that went unheeded? dear Readers, many of you remember the last time the Ghost Dragons were stirred up. Is this a sign of what's to come? Is IMP going to be what our fair City needs to protect it?

AGIS and Laweson help us all

~Stormy Weathers, Reporting

Second Class Citizens Being Hunted?

Bodies in the Shades are nothing new. Often they are the homeless or the poor finally giving up the fight. Or they are the drug addicted, still fighting their way through that day's demons. Generally they are members of society that have fallen through the cracks, that the corporations have neglected and the Syndicate has used to feed their own bellies. After all, if you can't get approved for citizenship, who really cares if you exist?

But the mutilated body that lay just outside of Buddha Bowl's new park was not your average mutant. Sugartits Anne had a long career working for the Entertainment Union, catering to the untouchables that were still good enough to spend their credits. She had her own room on the Church of Laweson servers, being very popular with their members and a devout Lawsonite herself. She always had a kind word and a smile, even if it might frighten the corporate controlled children into tears. She was last seen hiding in AGIS's shadows, as if afraid to be noticed by those with darker intent.

But rumour has it that she has been talking to IMP. Mr. Pink, another of Anne's family clan, was directly involved in the bombing incident so recently reported. Another of her brothers is said to be in hiding somewhere in the tunnels, though no one can directly confirm his whereabouts. Her body lay on the street for several days before appearing to finally be noticed by IMP itself. And from the look of the body, whatever had been done to her beforehand was harrowing.

With the Shades's natural hostility towards the security forces of our Fair City, who knows if answers will ever be had. But Anne was a registered citizen, having earned approval from AGIS after several appeals that demonstrated her overall usefulness. Which brings us to the next question, dear Readers...what is AGIS hiding lately? Word on the street is that there are armed and armored IMP officers on guard inside of the Medical Center everyday. A happy coincidence or something darker?

dear Readers, is AGIS up to its old tricks? Are they back to farming the second class citizens or worse, the unprotected populace? How does this tie in with the recent illegal hacking attempts? While mutants have notoriously had a hard time getting approved for citizenship due to their undesirable traits, the sudden attention towards them by the Ghost Dragons Boss suggests a strangely protective stance. And just what was Sugartits killed for? Rumour has it that this was no upset Lawesonite but potentially vengeance of some kind.

Just what is going on with the targeting of mutants lately? dear Readers, everyone knows that mutants have a hard enough time getting on the corporate grid as it is. Why is IMP hassling them? Just what is AGIS hiding behind the scowls of the IMP Task Force? For so long, AGIS has done well, better than Gemini, but we must never forget that they are just the latest in a long line of corporate tyrants.

dear Readers, I must turn to you. I value the tips and information that is left for me and now we need more. There is a reward for anyone who can find out what AGIS is hiding and why IMP is targeting mutants. Drop your tips into the inbox in the INN office. dear Readers, you have always showered me with all the information you come across, knowing that without the press, there's no hope for fair and free information. Help protect those who cannot protect themselves!

~Stormy Weathers, Reporting

Increased Security at AGIS Leads to Increase in Nosy Neighbors

AGIS, or the Advanced Genetics Institute of Science, took control of InSilico City a few years ago, seemingly buying it out from under AEON's very nose. While AEON was an absentee governor at best, AGIS has shown itself to be more invested in the people of the city. Some believe, perhaps too invested.

Many remember the genetic farming controversy a few years ago that led to the downfall of an IPS Director and serious allegations against one of the Eve models. Not to mention the murderous rampage of another Eve model not long after. But AGIS settled its house and established themselves as a corp of the people. At least the people they found useful. The Consortium installed Dr Tae Westing to run the medical center and day to day operations of our fair City and corporate antics seemed to cease.

But recent reports claim that AGIS is working on something mysterious again. Something that requires heavy security and odd white crates. Something that carries its own countermeasures when interacted with by the average citizen. What could AGIS be up to this time? And how will this impact you, dear Readers?

And that's not all. Even as AGIS pulls IMP resources to focus on personal matters, rumours are swirling about private security overstepping their boundaries. As many know, private investigators can establish their own security firms after receiving licensing from AGIS itself. But rumour has it that at least one of these firms is claiming to be working for a higher authority.

What authority could that be? Has UBC itself planted spies within the city, trying to discover what AGIS is up to? Word on the street is that this security firm has contacts within IMP and uses the information gained to intimidate and manipulate the average citizen into giving up their rights, with or without the proper authority or consent.

dear Readers, we must watch out in these troubled times. Make sure to log everyone that comes to your door and make sure they don't bring anything filthy in with them. The last thing you want is a bug infestation. And be sure to contact IMP or AGIS Security if you have any suspicions. AGIS may own IMP but we've seen the corporate security forces go rogue before. Look out for each other and your neighbors but make sure your neighbors aren't secretly spying on you.

Who can we turn to in these dark times, dear Readers?

-Stormy Weathers, reporting

AGIS are pleased to announce the reworking of security within the city of INSILICO.

Officers from the INSILICO Metro Police department now make up a city-specific wing of AGIS Security: INSILICO Private Security.

This reorganisation will ensure that the security forces maintaining order in the city will have access to further resources, in order to guarantee the safety of the honest, taxpaying citizens of INSILICO..

Henceforth, any operators wishing to establish their own security business within the boundary of INSILICO may negotiate these rights with the newly-formed IPS group. Licences for existing security businesses will be automatically transferred to the new system without penalty.

AGIS: Forging a perfect tomorrow, together®

Spotlighting Some of the Best Small Businesses!

dear Readers, our fair City is home to many citizen owned shops and bars. You can hardly walk around the street level without spotting them doing brisk business and some have been around long enough to have seen it all. The citizens that run them are self starters, finding their way to some level of prominence and security by living within the corporate structure that controls everything. Today, dear Readers, I would like to highlight a few of my favorites stories from the past few weeks.

June 14th's amateur night was an interesting night out for anyone. In case you're unfamiliar with them, Reakt0r's weekly events have been picking up recently thanks to Toltse's expert hosting. Nobody can forget the dramatic scenes a few weeks ago with the former IMP
chief sending a detective packing for their participation, but the fun never stops. Opening the amateur night was an unnamed dancer with some kind of specialist cigarette. An elegant number service as a fitting prelude for those to come. Toltse herself took to the pole, as well as AGIS researcher Devon Barski, dressed in roller blades, boxer shorts and little else. Not to mention resident bodyguard, going by the mysterious moniker of "Cool". Supermodel Nairn even made a brief appearance, though sadly did not dance, much to this reporter's disappointment. However, in my opinion - Askani truly took the prize. A veritable cherry on the top of a delicious cake. A hypnotic dance, regularly discarding the pole for freeform work, without ignoring it. A surefire winner. A taste of things to come? The erstwhile detective himself even stopped by.

dear Readers, we take you on a journey to a familiar corner of our dear City - a constant of the Southern skyline - Terra Firma. The proprietor here recently opened a new Arcade with new possibilities afoot - but is this grand move a distraction from what's really going on in the purple and green pub? Looking at the bartender, you wouldn't know whether to bow to her in terror, or wash her, because she's slightly grimy. But one taste of the coffee they serve there, all is forgiven. Nobody knows how they do it, as everyone's supposed to get the same regulated brown, but nobody wants to ask too many questions in case they rock the boat, and spoil it for everyone. So, dear Readers - Terra Firma, a place to get the finest brew in the city? Or a fine place to brew a form of food poisoning? You be the judge. Either way, worth the trip!

The Wong Family has long been members of our fair City. Their storefronts have always been a bit odd looking and can certainly be a test of nerves to visit. But the Wongs have always shown themselves to be upstanding citizens, helping those who cannot afford top of the line augments but need life saving parts. Could their claims of 'gently used' be more nefarious? Is Dr. Wong running some sort of chop shop? Rumour has it that people might not be asking enough questions about their used augments. When pressed, sources imply that people may be breaking into AGIS to steal tools to help with the involuntary extraction of these 'used parts'. You heard it here first: rumors are Wong may be stealing from our beloved ruling corporation, and might even have ties to kidnapping rings. Watch your augs out there people!

The famous Sky Diner, parked for some time near the ground in South, was spectacularly piloted right into the AGIS HQ. A representative of the newly-formed IPS says the cause looks to be mechanical error and astonishingly claims no injuries were sustained. Despite the mechanical failure, the heroic pilot managed to negotiate a crash-landing away from heavily populated regions of the city - no mean feat when you consider the million souls packed into this square mile. Reserve your accolades though, dear Readers, for that's not all! A fresh-faced engineer going by the name of Nuri managed to rescue the pilot then astonishingly kept the damage down by extinguishing the fire, an unnamed source said. The crash site was cleared up in record time - all thanks to the Red Lotus shipping company, run by Mei Sung. This reporter is informed that all parties are well and safe. A lucky escape, thanks to quick thinking, quick action and quick heroes.

dear Readers, keep your eyes here for more news and stories about our local entrepreneurs and the antics their clients get up to! A special thanks to all the lovely submissions, I hope you enjoyed their stories and keep them coming!

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

Is IPS Going Rogue?

''You seem to have a grave misunderstanding of how the laws in this city work, and your ignorance is amusing. This isn't some archaic system of government with courts, judges, warrants, and true rights. If someone on an AGIS Payrole, like an eve model, for example, decides they want you? Too bad. You belong to them. They own you. They own me, they own this bar that they are offering you the privilege of operating in. The days of niceties ended two centuries ago after the cataclysm. You've read far too many fairy tails. I'm tired of downtrodden miscreants with an over-inflated perspective of their own self worth telling me what the law is, and what the law is not, when you and I both know that you do not give a damn about the law. People like you steal, abuse narcotics, and kill like its the ongoing fashion and delight in seeing the people around you suffer, and you have the audacity to try to use the law as your shield? I -AM- the law, and I will do what I must, to protect the citizens of this city, and if that means gunning you down to find the serial killer in this city, then I will take your life to save others. So what will it be, davushka? Are you going to let me do my job, or become a statistic?''

So says Ivan Vancheskov, the man who AGIS chose to run IPS with his wife, Julia. And this is not the only time he's made such claims to the citizens of our Fair City. The Blue Ant, run by the Bright Blue Lady Askani, has also been treated to Ivan's preaching, as though he's been searching to convert InSIlico City's citizens to his new way of order.

What is really known about Ivan? He hails from Novvy Moscow, using Russian in his everyday conversation regardless of the comprehension of his listeners. He rose to Chief through sheer attrition, the last man standing(so to speak) after the scorched earth drama of Justicia McMillan. Yet AGIS did not seem to think he deserved to run it alone, forcing him to share the role with his wife despite the obvious conflict of interest. He's commonly known as 'the dictator' on the streets, former co-workers and subordinates choosing to quit for the less stable mercenary life than call him bossman. When he does emerge from his office, he seems to believe that violating citizen rights at gun point is the way to go. And we've all heard his general views on the laws and due process put in place by AGIS itself.

What has life been like under Ivan the Terrible's reign as Chief? dear Readers, I'm sure you've heard about the pile of dead bodies found in the tunnels. What about the body that was carved up and left at Reakt0r's front door? Should we reference back to the mutilated body of Sugartits Anne? Have any answers been offered for these horrific crimes? Any arrests made or even a larger IPS presence noticed? Word on the street is that Ivan can't even get the name of the Ghost Dragons correct, our long resident syndicate Family...instead preferring to call them "Hidden Dragons". If he can't even bother to know the major crime players, how is he going to protect you, dear Readers?

And that incident that prompted his speech above? Ana Yang, sweet lady of the Buddha Bowl, resident of our Fair City for her entire life, informed me that Ivan showed up at the Bowl and attempted to arrest her at gunpoint, refused to offer a warrant and tried to force intervening citizens to leave the area when questioned about the legality of his actions. This would not be the first time Ivan has acted with IPS authority but no warrants. Rumour has it that he's broken into several private properties and even sent lackeys to spy on citizens without providing the proper validation for violating these citizen rights. dear Readers, it almost makes you wonder if Justicia's heinous hacking was really Ivan all along.

our Fair City is once again under attack by the very people who are supposed to protect it! Dear Readers, IPS has a long history soaked in blood and corruption yet this latest version makes you nostalgic for the days when they just got naked for money. Formal complaints by citizens to AGIS itself have gone unanswered and no one seems interested in reining in Ivan's antics. This doesn't even cover the forensic technician, Maur, and her penchant for murder. Word on the street is that Maur has quite the body count yet she is still on AGIS's payroll. Things have gotten so bad that there were protests outside of IPS's building recently from citizens frightened and demanding that IPS do their job.

But the question is, dear Readers, do you really want them to? After all, who will protect us from them?

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

New Director Wants Brains, Not Brawn

"I came to Insilico as a scientist and I have to admit, that I never was in the military. So, yeah I had to learn how to shoot a gun. I studied psychology and as much as AI development is a wonderful field of studies, I was always fascinated by human behaviour, motivation and Insilico has such a huge variety of this. Sitting all day in a lab got repetitive, so I asked for an opportunity of a career change. One day, we decided at AGIS that the IPS needs a new face and that not a warrior, but a psychologist might be the better choice for leading it."

IPS Chief of Securtiy, Dr. phil. Ysanne Korpov certainly sounds like she has a common sense approach. And, possibly, a fresh start from the last, well.....many, who believed in shows of force leading to predictable protests from the louder citizens. I pry some more and ask for detail on what kind of changes she's made, or she's about to. Is it going to be less warrior and more psychology?

"Citizens living in fear are ineffective and have a tendency to spend less, which lowers the prosperity of everyone. And we both know, that the IPS was guilty of spreading fear just for the sake of demonstrating power in the past. The reformed IPS is eradicating such behaviour among its ranks. That does not mean that we are not going to use this tool any more. If you want to stop fire from spreading you have to cut a trench and accept collateral damage. But if you see a smoldering pile of trash, it is much wiser to use water instead and suffocate it before it can grow into something really nasty."

Actively promising to weed out corruption in the ranks - sounds simple, but we've all seen promises like this before, often by the most corrupt Directors. This idea might be going good places. I took the liberty of sourcing questions from a couple members of the concerned population. One of them asked: "I would also like to know how IPS plans to protect the individual citizen? Since once we're registered, we become assets to AGIS, as well. How will they stop us from becoming oil slicks?"

Her answer was surprising. "Oh, that answer might sound a bit disappointing for the particular citizen and I want to apologize for that in advance. What I have to explain is not what he, or she, wanted to hear. But I now have to make one thing clear. To both the public and my employee, by the way:
The IPS is not an army. And the IPS is not the police. We are a division of AGIS and our primary objective is to secure the assets and interests of the corporation and to enforce the code of conduct, rules and regulations. AGIS wants Insilico to be a safe, prosperous place. We see every citizen as an asset to some extent and therefore we provide our services mostly for free. But you have to keep in mind that we are not the executive force of some obsolete form of state or government. The days of these institutions are long since gone. We all know how their reign of terror has ended and what they turned the earth into. We are protecting you because it is the simpler, cheaper way. No-one wants to see Insilico turn into a work camp or penal colony. Collateral damage is bad for business."

Being that asset security is now the focus, and minimizing collateral damage is paramount, I wanted to find out what IPS' policy on business was. I mentioned the old policies of strong-arming and running around all guns-first, and even referred to historic allegations of blackmail. So, how were they going to protect business. Korpov was forthright.

"Maybe it is due to my origins, but I am a firm believer in cooperation, balance and rehabilitation. I will explain in a moment what I mean with that:
We have ways of monitoring the city and enforcing rules. But the amount of data is incredibly huge and even our numbers are not endless. I cannot have investigators and cameras everywhere and I cannot protect everybody from harm. But like I do not want parents to scare their kids to eat up their dinner else the IPS gets them and want them to come to us when they are scared, the same should be the case for grown ups. We have to work together, I need citizens to work with us, send in reports, keep an open eye on suspicious activities. This way we can react faster, more direct. Remember what I said about fires? It is better to stomp on a burning trash pile than having cut trenches into the city to stop a wildfire spiraling out of control. And rehabilitation... well... maybe we can have a way to help prevent fires by teaching people good behaviour as soon as we see them throwing hot ashes into paper bins without having to lock them away. But this is a possible future and I cannot give you any details on that yet".

Mysterious indeed. Either way, time's always going to reveal the answer. Rumours on the street claim that the Director has a radical opinion of fabricants and clones, anything not human, claiming that this was the real reason she left the Medical Center. I wanted to give the Director a chance to address this.

"I have a great team which is fully capable of keeping the streets safe for a while, without the boss having to check on them. And one of them is a fabricant. Agent Chloe. We get along fine and she is a great addition to the IPS. And from a technical point of view, Fabricants are not human, indeed. But this is a definition like blue not being red. They have many advantages over a human and some disadvantages. Being different is not similar to being better or worse. I want diversity in my team. If we all reacted the same way, we'd be predictable, and there is always more than one way to view a situation. What's true for the individual is also true for the group. It's simple: overspecialize, and you breed in weakness."

Diversity is a force for good, and express my opinion - our differences are multiplied in a positive way, complementing, not aggravating. Does Director Korpov, in her opinion, feel that she's doing a good job so far.

"This is difficult to say. We have the first results of the repurposing the IPS from something like a private military company with no clue about their mission into another IPS which values information higher than [a] bullet count. We are not operating on full potential. And this is also partly my fault. I have to refuse many applications from [those] wanting to become recruits with a long list of guns they used and wars they have fought. But I do not need soldiers, I need reliable, intelligent and clever investigators out there on the streets. If anyone thinks about joining, please talk with me but do not be disappointed if I am not amazed by the size of the gun you brought to the interview. But back to topic. Yes, we made progress and I think we are on the right track. But we still have a long way to go."

I'm sure you'll agree this is a progressive sounding answer; I told Director Korpov that this was a prudent approach - hero gunslingers shooting up the city harks back to those collateral damage incidents we all too well remember. But, before the interview was over, dear Readers, we all want to know what goes on after hours. I asked what Ysanne - not Director Korpov - does to relax. Her answer is benign, without a hint of salaciousness, and delivered with a smile.

"If I have the time to do so, that is. Let me think... I enjoy moonlit nights, taking long walks, knitting and unicorns. And I try to take part in activities like social gatherings in the Fus1on club for example."

I thank the director for her time, and with this fresh new approach, the wind's going in another direction. Time will tell if it works out for the best. I ask if there's anything she wants to say to the citizens. Her statement will resonate with all of us, no matter who.

"I think the change of the IPS is a statement in itself. Let us all see results, not just empty words."

We shall see, dear Readers....

~Stormy Weathers, reporting*

*Interview conducted by 3rd party INN reporter and presented with only a few editorial comments

After the IPS interview with Ysanne Korpov, and the changing landscape, we figured it would be smart to speak to others who offer similar services. Today, we speak to Reky, the CEO of the Ravenwatch Company.

We meet at Reky's apartment, situated high above the South and only a couple minutes walk from the imposing AGIS headquarters. The decor is tasteful and understated, with a few subtle new age touches setting it apart from the usual CEO ostentatiousness.

I point out to Reky that we have recently spoken to IPS and we were wanting to work out what separates the new face on the scene from the official private security services.

The woman pauses to collect her thoughts at the question. "In this day-and-age, corporations lead us with the guiding hand of non-involvement. This affords us several delicious freedoms, but leaves a large void where people fall through the cracks, and cries for help can go unheard. AGIS must see to the city, and the assets that surround us in order for us to have a beautiful place to live with many services. IPS must protect those resources, lest they be damaged or made unavailable to the populace. Ravenwatch is here to bridge the gap between the people and the city. By providing our services to the little people, we help those in need while taking a large responsibility off of city services. We're here to help. We want to help."

I mention that this is sensible, with the accumulation of unsolved mysteries in the city, and offer that it's more something that means IPS can concentrate on what's important to them, allowing the regular people of the city to go to the Ravenwatch Company with their problems. I cook up a quick scenario: if I want my personal security systems checking out, what's the next step?

"You could look for one of our team members at Fusion in North East, or contact us in our offices at the arena for an appointment. We're pretty easy to find." The CEO flashes an refreshingly honest smile. "Our office is at the end of the arena, up the steps and right next to Road Rumblers."

Rumors abound that the history of Ravenwatch has been kind of tumultuous, and in the spirit of openness, would she want to share any of these setbacks with our readers and listeners.

"We've been under investigation several times, unfortunately. Especially in the beginning. Originally, Ravenwatch was Eclipse Mercenary Company - a company founded by Justicia McMillan. So unfortunately we were pulled into some of the scandal surrounding her conviction and subsequent departure. When she left the police force, she took every new recruit with her, gutting the police, and leaving InSilico barren of protection."

We all remember disgraced Chief McMillan disregard for citizens' private data, and it's real interesting to see where this is going. The young CEO pulls no punches

"The implications of her actions were unknown to those who followed her. She simply told us that she was tired of being a cop, and intended to turn her focus elsewhere. A strike team for hire was implied, with her stating her intention to eventually go to Mars to help with the fighting there. However, we later learned that many of the things she said, and the promises that she made were lies. Shortly before Eclipse was formed, she was apparently convicted of hacking an AGIS database which was the real reason for her departure from IMP. She took all of the newest people because it crippled the organization that cast her out, and because none of us knew or understood what was happening. Our previous connections there have caused us nothing but trouble."

The list of infractions continues, painting a scene of distrust shared with the public, but one already sullying an organization she has not yet inherited. She pauses to light a cigarette and to gather her thoughts.

"We also lost one of our original team members - Scott Sheridan - while he was on a mission. He was protecting a CSI working for the IPS under previous Director Ivan Vancheskov. There was a minor incident where Fusion was targeted for vandalism. As well as an incident where a woman was sick on our premises and attempted to claim it was a poisoning. All of these situations were investigated, and the company was cleared in all cases - but our decision to 'rebrand' as Ravenwatch was a direct consequence of the bad press and attention we'd been receiving due to our connection with EMC. Since then, we've had several successful contracts with various companies throughout the city. We've become known for our integrity, and our willingness to help - but rebuilding our reputation has taken constant work."

I express my own opinion about the startup circumstance. McMillan fully took the security services with her when she bailed, and that this must have left a taste in the mouth of the people running the show right out of the gate. If this was a game, Reky would be playing it on hard mode straight up, and after the real PR mess left behind with Vancheskov, Korpov has been left to clean up the image of the IPS side of things.

So what's next? What I wanted to know on behalf of all of our readers and listeners was that with historical links to the Eclipse Mercenary Company, does any of that tradition carry over into Ravenwatch? So if someone puts up a bounty on the net, is this something Ravenwatch can take care of?

The diminutive CEO nods carefully. "We have bounty hunters in our employ, yes. One of our members is a licensed hunter, and there are plans to get two others the licensing required to provide that service legally. We like to think of ourselves as troubleshooters. If you have trouble, we're gonna help you fix it. We have experience in everything from individual and company security, to computer services and investigation. If we don't have the skills to sort out a problem, we can point the client to someone who does."

Sounds like these people are real fixers. If someone's got a problem, they're the solution? But at what price? Most people are just kind of getting by, but if I wanted information on someone, someone who might have been hassling a friend or something like that, what does it cost? Is it a fifty credit job, or five hundred?

Reky smiles, "That's a good question. Our services aren't just for the corporations, although the average person might assume so. We want to help provide services to folks who normally don't have access to these sorts of things. Our rates are on a sliding scale based on income, and we are heavily involved in helping the community via donations as well as trade-based incentives and finder's fees for any leads that turn into paying work."

A noble gesture: accessibility is a real good thing especially in Insilico City. I figured the listeners would want to know more about Reky. So, the same question presented to Director Korpov comes out again for this CEO - what's she like to do to wind down after a hard day and night of hard hitting RWC work?

She comments that she was a PA to a businesswoman in Nuova Italia from a young age, travelling around to manage and maintain businesses. "When we came to InSilico, it was something of a shock to me, but she told me that we were relocating, as she needed a change of scenery. I think my background in diplomacy and the social graces has helped me to smooth my way here, and my background in business has helped me to steer Ravenwatch towards greater involvement in the city.

She pauses to take a long drag from the cigarette she's holding. "Most of the things I like personally, come from how I was raised - I love to dance, and I love old things - antiques and music from ages past. I love people, so I spend a lot of time socializing with folks from all walks of life. I really enjoy hearing stories and histories. The world is such a vast place, with many roads to be traveled, and it's folly to think those roads can't be traveled through the words and actions of other people. I believe human experience is the key to opening up every great vista that exists."

Fair words indeed, and let's hope that the RWC can prosper and truly live up to the CEO's high ideals.

- Interview done by our Field Reporter. contact her if interested in sharing your story!

Dragons Departure a Sign of Doom?

The Ghost Dragon Syndicate. It is the largest criminal organization in the known solar system and rumoured to be over 500 years old, claiming its roots to be in ancient Hong Kong. Nobody alive now would even remember such a time but there's no denying the power of this group. They were among the first to move to Mars, seeing its lawlessness as a boon to their ways. This is where the Han reside now, purportedly orbiting the rusty planet amongst their most powerful followers. And their ties to InSilico City are as deep as the tunnels that the mutants call home. But something has happened.

The Dragon symbol that so prominently marked the SE Sector of our fair City has disappeared. The brilliant beacon that used to hover beneath Sky Rumblers has been erased. Word on the street is that the Ghost Dragons have left our fair City behind after decades of co-existing. For so long, the Ghost Dragon Syndicate was viewed as a necessary evil, establishing stability in the darker corners where the corporations did not care to tread. Their Harvesters cleaned up bodies for processing and their bosses kept the black market trade flowing. Could these claims be true?

A member of the Syndicate has confirmed everything. Citing their shifting interests and our fair City's decreasing usefulness, the Ghost Dragons have officially relinquished their claim. While they still have small ties to ongoing business interests within the InSilico City borders, primarily the black market, they have made it clear that any future business will be conducted far from our fair City. dear Readers, is the Syndicate really breaking up with us?

What does this mean for the shadier parts of our fair City that they leave behind? dear Readers, I wish I could say that there will be a bloody struggle as gangs strive to fill that power vacuum. I wish I could say that IPS will be tested in ways they have never known as our fair City is thrown into chaos. But honestly, dear Readers, it doesn't seem likely. It appears that the Dragons left weeks ago, after the Remi incident. The properties they used to claim have been sold off or reverted back to AGIS control and the streets have remained quiet for the most part.

Farewell, Ghost Dragons, exit stage left.

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

Mayhem Disrupts Amateur Night

Reakt0r is known for sultry ladies and mean drinks. People going there for a good time is the highlight of the week. Every Sunday, the best and most adventurous of our Fair City show up to bust a move and earn some credits. But this weekend's Amateur Night ended in tragedy.

It was business as usual for most of the dj's performance. Clothes were flying, people were dancing, drinks were flowing...but the good times abruptly came to end as the back door was thrown open and several people rushed in. Two thugs grabbed Reakt0r's proprietor, the lovely Opalina, while the third person started spouting rhetoric.

"You didn't listen to the call.. all of you.... I will show you how dedicated we are.... we are one entity... one united front.... Oh Lawson take my soul... for you said we shall have it all. Save my soul...." The female then doused herself with accelerant and lit herself on fire as the crowd watched in horror. The thugs then began shooting at the crowd, targeting anyone who made a move towards them or they seemed to consider a threat. Shortly after, Opalina was dragged away as they made their escape.

IPS Chief, Ysanne Korpov, and several others including the dj, pursued the kidnappers, eventually cornering them in the SE Sector. Shots were fired back and forth down the street as Opalina screamed for help. The incident came to a climactic end with both thugs bleeding out in the streets as various citizens joined with the IPS response team. Luckily, Opalina was only marginally harmed and the scene was quickly processed.

dear Readers, could this be chaos from the Ghost Dragons departure? Or is this more of the ominous 4th Call that's been popping up randomly this season? it was impressive to see IPS in full action, bravo to them for handling the incident as well as it could be. Here's to hoping this is not the beginning of more violence against our Fair City.

~Stormy Weathers, reporting

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