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Hello, Dear Readers!

It has been a long time since I have whispered in your ears but I am making my re-debut with this momentous moment. I know that much has happened and I have failed in my journalistic duties in that time frame, but never fear, my Dearest of Readers, I have been listening and watching...

Today, I bring you something to ponder. Rumours are circulating, speculation is rampant and it is my sacred duty to inform you of the rumblings around us. Word on the street and in the boardrooms has it that AGIS is making a long expected power play. For many years, we have been watching AGIS's steady growth from the little clone factory that could to the genetics powerhouse that it is now. And it seems to have set its gaze upon acquiring another jewel for its crown...our Fair City.

Dear Readers, you will remember that AGIS has been providing health care, security and quality of life improvements for our Fair City for a long time now. While its most recognizable CEO is the fair haired fabricant line, Eve Dimitriaski, AGIS itself is run by a group of fabricants loosely known as the Consortium, homed on the space station Shoda(from what I understand anyway). While Dimitriaski herself has had a sordid history with our Fair City(who could forget her ill fated affair with disgraced IPS member Adam Caine), not to mention the rampage of one model that left blood and violence in her wake, AGIS itself has tried to prove over and over that it is a 'friend to the people'.

But, with the general indifference of AEON, which took over just this past year and has proven lackluster in their handlings, could AGIS genuinely be an improvement? After all, their whole mentality is towards creating life, even if it means farming genetic material from our less fortunate and less important societal classes. Who could argue against a company that wants to help you live forever, if you have the right credit line?

Dear Readers, our Fair City has long been lacking a corporation who genuinely wants to invest in it, leading to filth, squalor and general malaise within our population. Perhaps AGIS is the white knight we want...or it might be the sterilizing that is long overdue and desperately needed...

Time will tell, Dear Readers

-Stormy Weathers, reporting

Take Over Revives Business

With AGIS officially taking over as our Fair City's government, we're seeing a rise in new investors and small corporations appearing around town. Even the Reakt0r appears to have a new Madame keeping the poles warm and the credits flying. Helios Industries and Cerberus Corp are two of the latest editions to our Fair City and they have proven their investments by promptly investing in various shops and businesses.

Helios Industries seems to have expanded the old pawn shop into a two story building and there has been lots of coming and going as they are stocking up. A recent job listing around the net by a Markus Kayne even says they're hiring for those of you looking to take your own personal experience and apply it to their profit margins. Rumours have it that Kayne himself is a dapper gentleman who carries a cane and walks with a limp and seems to be the man in charge of the mysterious Helios group.

Cerberus Corp claims to be a pharmaceutical company on the official registrations. Not much else seems to be known about the group as of yet, other than an investment in the Fusion Nightclub where renovations and AI removal has been ongoing. Rest in pieces lovely glitterbot of Fusion, it shall be missed.

dear Readers, this appears to be a prosperous time for our Fair City. When Gemini departed, there was concern as the much smaller AEON took over, soon followed by that odd AI rising. In the long run, AEON just did not have the assets needed to flourish, much less maintain, a city of our size. AGIS's take over has been a long time coming and it seems to be already reaping rewards. Dear Readers, only time will tell how AGIS handles itself. This intrepid reporter is hoping that we see the long awaited reappearance of Church of Laweson founder, Richard Lawson himself. Perhaps, dear Readers, AGIS will wisely place him in a power position where he will once again guide us down the road of peace and self prosperity.

-Stormy Weathers, reporting

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