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Our offices have been inundated by reports of a sudden surge of activity in the Southeast. INN can not yet bring our viewers any live footage due to clearance concerns, but we are able to confirm that between 75 to 100 drones began streaming out of the substructure at approximately 10AM this morning, with smaller numbers emerging in regular intervals since. Currently they have remained within the borders of SE, and appear to be coordinating in several working groups around elements of the existing infrastructure. To what end we can not yet determine, nor do we know if these drones are being controlled by the Consensus or another unknown AI. Our field reporters have been dispatched to the security perimeter, and our editor has reached out to the Director of Security for comment. As always, we will bring you the latest information as it is made available. One thing is certain though: After months of virtual silence from within the city's occupied district, the AIs are now on the move.

AEON has released the following statement: "Our Director of Security wants to assure everyone that, thus far, this development does not appear to pose a direct threat to the city or its inhabitants. Of course the number of drones is a pressing concern, but these machines seem to be focusing on superficial structures that were abandoned during the evacuation. Similarly, there is no indication that they intend to leave the Southeast in the immediate time frame. We can not yet comment or speculate as to their purpose because we simply do not have enough information. However, if anything, this does potentially give us some insight into the perceived lack of activity up to this point. The numbers that we are seeing now did not exist within SE prior to the occupation, nor were there manufacturing centers of sufficient capacity that could produce such quantities...they've made some upgrades, apparently."


Hundreds of drones have amassed along the perimeter of South East in a blatant demonstration of force and numbers. Analysts are speculating that this may be defensive posturing on the part of the Consensus, but the sudden change in the drones' activity has put security personnel on high alert. Reports leaking out to the press indicate that the drones began behaving erratically early yesterday evening, and large numbers have since abandoned their infrastructure modifications to join the others at the borders. There is still no immediate indication that the AIs are intending to make a move on the neighboring districts. However, the reasons for this new escalation remain unknown, and are deeply concerning to all involved.


Following up on our report earlier this week, INN has learned of a possible motive for the sudden escalation of activity within the occupied district. A source close to the investigation is now confirming that an unknown drone or UAV, originating from outside of SE, was shot down after it either ventured too close, or crossed over, the district's southern border. Threat avoidance systems simultaneously began tracking an intercepting projectile launched from within the SE district; a clear indication that the AIs were responsible for destroying the encroaching drone. Thermographic analysis of that data has revealed that missile to be of a similar class to those formerly equipped on Gemini's Dragonfly autonomous assault platforms.

Our source has also indicated that the destroyed drone was not "one of theirs" or being operated by authorities. It is currently believed that this drone was engaging in unsanctioned surveillance of SE, but that suspicion can not be verified until debris can be recovered from the scene. Given the close proximity to the border, and the AIs heightened defenses, security personnel are proceeding with extreme caution.

Following the events of South East last week, AEON Holdings has issued a reward for any information relating to the perpetrators behind the drone incident. After that announcement was made, INN's InSilico affiliates were able to obtain an exclusive interview with Elias Vance, AEON's Interim Liaison Officer, to get more details on what prompted AEON to speak publicly.


INN: AEON has been relatively silent when it comes to South East and the Consensus; only periodically issuing statement to allay public fears, but offering virtually no substantive information. However this morning, with what is essentially a bounty notice, you revealed new information that had yet to even make it to the press circuit. Why the sudden change of transparency?

MR. VANCE: Any perceived silence up to this point is merely symptomatic of the issue we’re dealing with here. The framing of your question leaps to a conspiratorial conclusion, which would be blatantly false. As INN has previously reported, there has been virtually no communication with the Consensus since the initial incident, and that has put us in a stalemate. Without communication, or a clear path forward, our primary concern has fallen back to containment and security…and obviously it would be reckless to blast those measures over the public feeds. You’re still here, as am I, months after many had feared the apocalypse. That alone should be some measure of success.

INN: Be that as it may, you did not answer the question. Why release this information?

MR. VANCE: It was warranted, frankly. The seriousness of the situation demands that someone be held accountable. Their actions derailed, perhaps permanently, the first meaningful two-way communication we’ve been able to achieve with the Consensus, and escalated their posturing. It put them on the defensive.

INN: Violating the security perimeter is a serious offense, but how much of a threat could one drone be when compared to the hundreds, of even thousands, that were already operating in South East?

MR. VANCE: It’s not what it was; it was how it was perceived. In any negotiation between adversaries, any compromises are potentially dangerous. Everything is scrutinized, risks are weight. We sent our negotiator in there with certain assurances, and in good faith. That drone was interpreted as a betrayal of that.

INN: Surely AEON has pleaded this case to the Consensus?

MR. VANCE: We have, and will continue to do so. Even our negotiator attempted to do as she was sent fleeing from SE. Unfortunately there has been no response to our instance. We’re very much at square one again. If we’re ever to proceed via diplomacy, we need to attempt to rebuild even a minimum of trust.

INN: Is that the point of the public bounty, to make it clearly known that this act was not authorized?

MR. VANCE: It sends lots of messages. No secret agendas there. Someone broke the law, endangered lives, and someone will pay.

INN: You’ve repeatedly mentioned this negotiator. What is it they were trying to negotiate with the Consensus? Was AEON prepared to make concessions to the AIs?

MR. VANCE: We call that person a negotiator, but it is just a term. Ambassador, emissary, representative…Those work just as well too. The point is that this was our first open dialogue with the Consensus, and so anything, everything was on the table. A perpetual stalemate is untenable. However, just because we are…were…talking doesn’t mean we’re willing to make concessions. It just means that we want to talk. Don’t read anything more into that than what it actually was; an attempt to move forward.

INN: You said before that the Consensus had been silent for months. What changed that allowed the negotiation to go forward?

MR. VANCE: I am not authorized to provide the full details of that process. Suffice to say though; the negotiator herself was the initial key. Our investigators assembled reliable intelligence on some of the AIs believed to be operating as part the Consensus. Using that information, we brought a person on board that had a familiarity with one of those AIs in particular, and we used that to open a channel of communication. Unfortunately, that avenue now appears to be a dead end after these events.

INN: Is AEON pursuing alternative methods to reestablish communication?

MR. VANCE: Certainly, but I’m not authorized to discuss those either.

INN: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions this morning.



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