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W elcome to the Insilico Courier Service. We offer a broad solar shipping service which includes Mars, Earth Ruins as well as our home branch Insilico. Your job begins at the Insilico Distribution center . Home to the ICS main offices and access to your freelance work as a courier. The two head contacts for the ICS are 0N3X (Cool Xeno)Stark Osterham.

To begin you need to obtain a package by interacting with the CS Terminal. It will rise from the ground upon approach. Simply touching the terminal will issue you one parcel for deliver. The delivery is randomly generated, for example you may receive something like:

Experimental Solvents (E-HS2)

Where the firs part of the name is the contents of the package and the last part is the address. For this Example (E-HS2) Stands for Earth Habitat Station 2. The location will have an address located on it.

A ll packages may be worn and attach to the back and come with transfer permissions only by default. You may choose to arrange them however you wish or even to attach them to any other part of your body. Just note that attaching the parcel to your avatar is only cosmetic, since there are not animations or scripts in any of the parcels.

A t each address you will find an ICS Delivery Station. The delivery station is where you deliver your packages. To deliver your package you are going to need to drag and drop the contents to the Delivery Station yourself. Begin by opening your inventory. Ensure you detach the package first if you are wearing the package. Then you drag and drop the package onto the ICS Delivery Station with the Ctrl button pressed. (Ctrl + drag and drop). If done successfully you will hear a sound and a notice that the package has been successfully dropped off.

Should you accidently drop the package or rez it someplace, simply pick it back up and try again.

Once the package has been delivered to the correct address you are done. Remember to keep track of your deliveries so that you can be compensated for them later on.

Should you deliver a package to the wrong Delivery Station, it will be lost from you permanently and will not count as a successful delivery.


*Distribution Centers have a conveyer belt as its Delivery Station, just ctrl+drag and drop a package into it, to deliver it as normal.


A few notes about deliveries, you may only receive one package from any CS terminal once per hour. Should you be offered a package in an area you do not intend to go, such as mars or the earth ruins, you may simply decline its invitation and wait to receive another after an hour. It is possible to obtain multiple packages for delivery, and is ideal should you be able to get them in the same region.

A round the sims you will find lost packages that are either thrown aside or neatly tucked away someplace. These packages spawn once every 24 hours and will give you a random package for delivery once touched. There are two kinds of packages that are awarded: Local lost packages and Regional lost packages. One offers packages to be delivered in the local area, the other may require off world deliveries.

B oth the Earth Ruins and Mars locations require oxygen to breath. You will run out of oxygen quickly when delivering in these locations. In each habitat you will find an o2 tank distributor. Once touched it will auto attach itself to you and allow you to breath for a period of time. The two modes on the tank are N for neutral and R for reduce. R will allow yourself to breath while N is essentially the off button. You cannot refill the o2 tanks and will need to detach and obtain another.

Y ou may also find shelters around both the Earth and Mars areas, which will supply oxygen and health and damaged health while in proximity to them.

E quipment and gear can be obtained through the ICS office from an authorized retail agent. You may purchase ICS gear with credits. They are not sellable for lindens and are used for roleplay only. Although they are mostly cosmetic, some are scripted for use with the ICS system and the Insilico Roleplay system. 

T here is an orange transport shuttle located under the Skygate Hotel which will teleport you down to and back from the Earth Ruins. The travel time takes four hours. There is also an orange transport shuttle located in the Space Port, that will teleport you to just outside Lemuria Colony on Mars. The travel time is considered 4 days. Just factor your travel times back and for for roleplay purposes.

Delivery Locations:

Sector 33 Delivery Locations (North West)

* The Blue Ant (I-33BA)
* Reaktor (I-33R)
* Pawn Shop (I-33PS)
* The Greenhouse (I-33GH)
* Doctor Wong's (I-33DW)
* Pizza Box (I-33PB)
* Slum Apartment 1 (I-33SA1) 
* Slum Apartment 2 (I-33SA2)
* Food of all Nations (I-33FN)
* Scrapyard (I-33SY)
* PI Office (I-33PO)
* Road Rumblers (I-33RR)
* Tunnel House (I-33TH)


Sector 34 Delivery Locations (North-East)

* Nexus Industries (I-34NI)
* Park Offices 1(I-34PO1)
* Park Offices 2(I-34PO2)
* Courtroom (I-34CR)
* Fusion (I-34FUS)
* Noodlecart Offices (I-34NO)
* Bounty Net (I-34BN)

Sector 35 Delivery Locations (South West)

* Solarium (I-35SOL)
* Agis Medical (I-35MED)
* Terra Firma (I-35TF)
* Dr. Wong's (I-35DW)
* IPS (I-35IPS)
* Road Rumblers (I-35RR)
* INN Office (I-35INN)
* AGIS Main (I-35AGIS)
* Redux Center (I-35RC)
* Park Office (I-35PO)
* Garages Office (I-35GO)
* Race Track (I-35RT)
* Shipyard (I-35SY)
* Spaceport Offices (I-35SO)

Sector 36 Delivery Locations (South-East)

* Undercity - Elny's Office (I-36UCEO)
* Undercity - Crate Home Location 1 (I-36UCH1)
* Undercity - Crate Home Location 2 (I-36UCH2)
* Undercity - Crate Home Location 3 (I-36UCH3)
* Undercity - Crate Home Location 4 (I-36UCH4)
* Buddha Bowl (I-36BB)
* Apollo Office (I-36AO)
* Sanjuro Labs (I-36SL)
* Cyber Doc (I-36CD)
* Scrapyard (I-36SY)
* Gunstore (I-36GS)
* Sky Rumblers (I-36SR)
* Skygate Hotel (I-36SGH)
* Sky Diner (I-36SD)

Mars Delivery Locations

* PROTUS Outpost 15 (M-PO15)
* Asylum (M-LA1)
* Lemuria Offices 1 (M-LO1)
* Lemuria Offices 2 (M-LO2)
* Habitat Station 1 (M-HS1)
* D'naa Gardens (M-DG1)
* ENABBA Corporates Center (M-ECC)
* Habitat Station 2 (M-HS2)
* Habitat Station 3 (M-HS3)
* Utility Office (M-UO1)
* Dynamics Corporates Center (M-DCC)
* Coms Relay Station (M-CRS1)
* Hydro Station (M-HS1)

Earth Ruins

* Habitat Station 1 (E-HS1)
* Habitat Station 2 (E-HS2)
* Habitat Station 3 (E-HS3)

*If you are unsure if the Delivery Station is the correct one, just note the address is also listed in the name of the delivery station.
* The two head contacts for the ICS are 0N3X (Cool Xeno)Stark Osterham.
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