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2492-09-27 PRESS RELEASE
[no embargo]

Fellow citizens and civilians of Insilico,

Many of you are aware of the so-called "BTL" chips. The more modern variant that is prevalent in this city has evaded the long-standing prohibitions of its predecessor on a number of technical grounds. Despite this "loophole" these BTLs are significantly more dangerous than others, in many cases causing irreversible neurological decline and death.

Today AGIS has confirmed what has long been suspected: the BTLs contain a large amount of proprietary technology that has been misappropriated, as a result of espionage or direct theft of intellectual property.

On these grounds these newer BTL variants, including (but not limited to) the "blue", "red" and "yellow" products, are henceforth illegal to produce or possess without a valid licence. Owing to the heritage of the technology, the maximum fine for possession will not exceed ¢20,000 per item, and the maximum fine for production will not exceed ¢2,000,000.

Custodial or transportational penalties for production and possession with intent to supply are at the discretion of enforcement agents.

In light of this new status, an amnesty is declared until 2492-10-14. On this date at 1200 hours Insilico time (2000 hours UTC), the amnesty will end and penalties will be instituted.

Tae Westing

AGIS: Leading the way for genetics™
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