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The new Monli line of fabricants was released in 2493. Designed for technical work, this model line have a rather smaller stature than the predecessor models. This makes them ideal candidates for space and air efficiency for system flight. What they lack in stature, they make up in hardiness.  These fabricant lines come equipped with reinforced organs and implants, which allow them to sustain much higher g -force than a human is capable of.

The Monli line is next generation fabricant, with new synchronization experiences and implanted memories, that coincide with their chosen technical field. These fields range from science, engineering, piloting and civil services. They also boast a range of implanted skill sets, such as adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking etc.

Under the regulatory framework, newly produced fabricants are allowed opportunities in their fields such as additional training and certification. They are free to pursue a life outside of corporate oversight, provided they are within good standing with AGIS corporation. These next generation models do not come with a kill switch and instead are no longer tied to the security threshold of AGIS, as per the  AGIS Freedom Act of 2492.


E.MM71 was integrated into the AGIS trauma response unit in the first month of 2493, having been freshly produced and successfully synchronized with her regional medical unit. She has undergone several baseline testing and after several weeks of examination has been approved for fulltime service in the Insilico branch of the AGIS medical Institute.

E.MM71 is being groomed for memory development, and will continue with training and certification with the Institute, during her tenure within AGIS medical.
Biometrics have been encoded to her security rating and she is permitted to synchronize with any Eve model who shares her same security rating.  

Personality type seems to indicate an extroverted nature with a high propensity towards curiosity. She seems to have problems with individuals personal boundaries and tends to make others uncomfortable. She tends to be high energy and persistent in social circles. Further psychological studies will be initiated to test the baseline of her emotional development as it unfolds.

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