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"Free" was created by Derrick Sullivan
It has been weeks since he was last since, he had become "Fixed" by doing something crazy, he hooked himself up to his own computer at home and overloaded the inhibitor chip that was in his head causing him problems causing it to completely fry, and become inactive, he felt ....."Free", no longer carrying the mental baggage he once did, but he was knocked out for weeks, how long has it been...3...4 weeks? his hand plants onto the table with a thud, before pushing himself to his feet, He opened his eyes in a daze "How long as it been since i was on the floor?" he releases the jack in from his head, everything was stiff with every stretch cracks ringed out. it was a miracle he survived such a stunt, he places his jacket on, before heading into the shades, he spots it..an run down overgrown ravenwatch building "well would you look at that...... i guess that's to bad..... your falibale reputation is only to blame for this...." he went on about slinking deeper into the shades, he was preparing to walk his own path, free of orders... free of being a foot soldier, free to think his own thoughts.. no longer being fed from a server....    he was truly "Free"
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