A Familiar Position

2 years 1 week ago - 2 years 1 week ago #102 by Derrick Sullivan
"If you believe yours is the only way
Then you're the fool who lives to die
Well you deserve the Hell, you're gonna pay
On the other side
Once you reach the other side" - Alter Bridge the Other Side

-munch munch munch-  
Derrick pulls back as the cheese pulls along with him on the slice of pizza at the pit stop, it was gooey smooth and good, downtime has given him a chance to relax, but also reflect on what the future holds, with Ravenwatch temporary closed he had begun to questions some things... why has this all suddenly happened, why was there no communication to him, was he pushed aside? like a couple of times before he began to have a deep feeling, and he wasn't liking it, 
He continued to dig into the pizza ..god it was so good, he felt like he hasn't eaten in weeks, He placed his other arm on the table, the patrons going in and out noticing the scars on him, he was battle hardened, He looked over with them a look that could speak "what you got a staring problem"  as he turned his attention back to the warm slice, he finishes it up before departed, he looked at his coms log...nothing it had been weeks, he scoffs fairly annoyed now. 

"Well I shouldn't really be surprised, first came back to a door being torn off it's hinges then not to long after the place is temporarily closed... so what will the future hold at this point... well i guess time to come up with a Plan B as an insurance policy" he tosses a tooth pick aside as it lands in the trash, walking off into the civilian filled street.
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