Sakizuke: "死神"

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"Hon-neeee! Hon-neeee! We got another warning!"

Huo paid no heed to the shrill voice, auditory senses occupied with some classic Hungarian speed-metal tracks as he tinkeredwith the device in front of him, carefully detaching the microtronics board and staring at it with his good eye. "Oooh, that problem right there..." he murmured nodding sagely to himself.

"HON-NEEEEEE!" Built like a brick pug statue and with approximately the same temperament, Tierra Yao-Zynn was tired of being ignored by her husband and reached up, snatching the feeder plug from his head jack. "WE GOT NEW WARNING!" she shouted in his ear, waving the PDA screen in his face.

"Haiya, woman, you try to kill me? Don' sneak up like that!" Huo protested, grimacing as she shouted at him. Wincing he took the PDA from her and stared at it, scrolling down past the various translations to find one in Manchurian. "Oh, it say we are exceeding personal weight allowance." he explained after taking a moment to digest the notification from the landlord.

"I know that you dumb asshole, I can read too! This is the third time this month! What you going to do about it?" she demanded. Pointing around at all the clutter on the work bench and in the tiny room around it - pieces of electronics, machinery, a broken down clothes washer, several Nukers stacked on top of each other, crates full of cables and wires, endless boxes of tools, most of them dusty and untouched. "You bring home all this trash all the time! When are you going to get rid of it?! If we had nice apartment uptown like Rwhandah and Sam-hai, you have room for all your crap, but we live in shittiest block this Section."

"Trash!? This good stuff! Look, this Nuker only need new emitter, good as new, that worth like, thirty credit!" Huo shook his head "Oy, this some honky bolshoi here, how they even know?" Standing up from the work bench, he turned and looked about the walk in closet that served as his 'shop' if you could call it that, packed full of scavenged items from the streets. "Hey, this apart-mint not so bad, hai? Bettah than tent in south side tunnel when we first meet, right? No one care how much crap we have then! What different it make now?" Throwing up her hands, Tierra went back to the kitchen, which was only about four paces away through the central joining hall. Peeling the top wrap back on a pair of dehydrated dinner packets, she slid them into the Nuker, banging the top several times with a hand to get the display to turn on.

"Yeah, well, that before we registered citizens - now we have follow laws. We live in floating city, weight important - your ass get too fat sitting around house, whole city fall in ocean." she stated with accusatory superlative. Huo moved into the tiny kitchen too, making to hug her from behind, maybe give her a bit of that sugar, but she was having none of it tonight. She'd been fired up all week, ever since he last that last temp job. "Somewhere in this city is very overwork AI try to figure out how many cup-a-noodle you stuff in your gob every day, estimate metabolic efficiency and calculate your impact on septic system, least you can do clean out some of that rubbish for recycling." She huffs, popping the heated reconstituted dinners out of the cooking unit, passing him one with a pair of chopsticks.

"Oh-kay oh-kay, I take some stuff down to pawn shop, turn into credit all-ry? Make you hap-py?" Huo groused, moving a half dozen paces to the living room/bedroom and folding out a chair from the wall unit. Sinking into it he toyed aimlessly with the slick lo-mein noodles, stirring them around to get the brown sauce evenly distributed. Tierra joined him in a moment, folding down the other seat, and then the table between them, sighing as she took the dinner box from him and put it on the table so he didn't have to eat out of his lap.

"I swear, you be the death of me, sloppy man." she lamented "You use make such good money when we marry, now? Temp job, tinker with trash, get fired, no work? Haaaaiya, I pay all rent last five month." She continued, justifiably exasperated. Huo groaned and stuffed some noodles in his mouth. It was no use arguing with her, particularly when she was right. Of course, his lady love had no idea that when they first got together he was making beaucoup cred slinging unlicensed guns in the Underground, a dangerous past time he had given up when they got citizenship and a marriage cert. "It been almost three year, we not even save up enough for baby license." she pointed out, bitterly. Huo chewed silently, weathering the abuse. The emotional content in her voice about that last part got through to him though, and he looked up; she was about to cry and already turning away into the corner to hide it.

"Awww... Hon-ny, we make it soon, promise. I find good job, our luck turn a round." he tried to console, but it was hard when he didn't believe his own words. A soft beep-hum of a notification and vibe tone interrupted him and he frowned - seeing nothing on his personal PDA. It sounded again and he looked over at the side shelf, stacked full of worn print mags, plastic tchotckes, and forgotten detritus. Digging through the pile, he pulled out one of his old burner comms - amazed it had still retained a charge after all this time. Frowning, he queued the screen up and stared at the message. No listed sender, return address corrupted, no subject, no attachments, just two characters in Japanese, stacked one atop the other.

Huo stood up from the table immediately, the seat automatically folding back into the wall without any weight to hold it down. "I have go, okay?" he stated, suddenly stirred by nervous excitement tempered with a feeling of dread he hadn't felt in almost three years. He threw on his jacket and stepped into the 'workshop' quick, checking over his shoulder before popping the door on the rusty nuker at the bottom of the stack, pulling out the handgun hidden inside. A quick press check to ensure a 5.7mm round was chambered and he slid it into an inner coat pocket.

"Where you go-ing? You not even finish dinner?" Tierra protested, still seated at the table, wiping her eyes. Huo moved back into the main room, looking serious. "I go make us some mon-ny. You see. Like old time." he explained, zipping up his jacket and popping the latch on the apartment door, stepping out into the windy chill of the dark city outside.
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