Departure of a Ghost of the past

2 years 11 months ago #56 by Derrick Sullivan
For your listening pleasure, while reading this blog

He stood In front of the blue ant, in silence, seeing one not there....Domino...previously known as Holly Devereux, it's been 2 days since she took a one way ticket out of insilico.  A deep relieving  breath came from him, as a giant weight felt lifted

"Finally....It's more more rumors...." the murmurs of the citizens moving around him as he stood there with his hands in his pocket, taking a moment, before moving on 

Walking through the falling synthetic rain, falling around him, moving past the reaktor, he seemed to be in deep thought with more questions then answers...y..why after 5 years did she suddenly show. up...

what was her motive...after trying to throw me under the bus for carrying out an order aichi, had placed out. why all the trouble she caused.... 

Moving through the east, he got under, a glass cover, as his foot steps echoed, up to fus1ion, as he walked past the patrons, in silence, making his way onto the catwalks. as the echo of his feet making contact with the steel fade, 

His life...was finally able to move forward. 


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