A Call to Arms

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---Call to Arms

  Today marks a bleak development for the planetary security of Earth. At 8:14 EST the Martian Corporate Navy had issued an ultimatum to all United Corporate Federation ships in Martian airspace to depart. This demand follows a recent incident, where a UCF ship was fired upon, during a routine training exercise on the armistice border.  
    Dax S Jackson, of the Department of Earth Security. Had issued a formal warning to the MCN. Stating that an investigation is underway to ascertain the responsibility of last months incident. An incident which involved a radiation leak onboard the UCSS Nox.
    Intersolar travel has been put on lockdown while the DES responds to the heightened security risk along the armistice. A decision which has officials skeptical about the level of response.



A private contract has been issued to gather components in the city for the efforts of the UCF. Several containers have been located around the city which yield components. These in turn may be used as a donation to the heightened security for the inner planets.

The locations are known to only a few and should you know an information broker wiling to part with the information for a price*, you may yet obtain their location. Otherwise the location of the containers are unknown and will have to be discovered.

Obtain x4 components to be delivered to the ICS station in Insilico South West
Players must have a registered character sheet to qualify for this event.
Containers have a lock out period of a random time, up to 48 hours.
Spamming containers may result in a lock out. contact a moderator for a reset in the result of this instance.

<57.68794, 104.12469, 3565.16602>**

* Information brokers have to be found ICly around the city. Expect to pay a price of 250c and up to obtain the locations of the containers. The price depends on your reputation with the brokers faction. 
** Ctrl+Drag and drop the components to the conveyer at the ICS Station. add a notecard manifest to be credited for the recovery.

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