The UBC Trade Credit (represented by either the symbol below or written as Cr.) is the only legally recognized form of currency within the InSilico setting. Not only is it the foundation of the entire corporate economy, it also has a universal value that is guaranteed by the UBC's vast holdings.

There are three primary methods for transferring credits between individuals and businesses

Credit Sticks

Sticks are akin to RFID enabled debit/credit cards. They are directly linked to a person or business, with credits being added/deducted from their UBC account per transaction accordingly. Credit Sticks also serve as a form of identification by logging statistics that are used to create and match a unique profile to each individual.

Credit Chips

Chips are "disposable" forms of credit that have a predetermined, albeit limited, value similar to cash currencies. Due to their cumbersome nature and small values, credit chips are generally not utilized on a daily basis by most individuals. However, they do see wider use in remote areas with unreliable communications, and in circumstances when someone would prefer not to have records of transactions directly linked to their credit profile.

Virtual Exchanges

VE's are remote wire transfers of funds typically employed by corporations and businesses for large scale transactions. Individuals may also choose to utilize VE schedules to pay recurring financial obligations.


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