Trade Unions

InSilico is the territorial center of operations for AEON Holdings. As a corporation, AEON exercises control over all economic transactions within its domain. To ensure that all profit generated within the city is duly taxed and regulated; Aeon has instituted the system of Trade Unions. Legally, in order to receive a work permit, all non-corporate residents seeking employment in the city are required to join the union governing their vocation. Those that choose to operate outside of Union control risk possible arrest, audit and severe fines.

Adult Services Union

Individuals employed as strippers, escorts/prostitutes, pimps, models, or in any other erotic services profession.

Representing one of the largest groups of self-employed individuals, this Union benefits from having little regulation over its daily activities. Yet, such freedom comes with a very steep price; ASU is one of the most heavily taxed trade unions within the city. Unfortunately, many members believe this trade-off is simply too great…and some would rather risk operating outside of the union illegally rather then be bled dry by InSilico’s tax collectors.

Food Services Union

Individuals employed as wait staff, bartenders, chefs or owning/operating any food establishment within the city (Restaurants, Fast Food, Vending, etc.)

Independent Trades Union

Self-employed individuals in any vocation not currently governed by the other trade Unions. Many of this Union’s members typically find work as artists, musicians, personal attendants or even manual labor.

Legal Services Union

Individuals employed as lawyers, mediators, paralegals and clerks in either civil or criminal defense/prosecution.

With the advent of the AI governed legal system, and most citizens unable to afford their services, this Union has seen a rapid decline in membership over recent years. Those that now remain typically cater only to private companies or exceedingly wealthy individuals…though there may still be a few that have a genuine desire to do some good for common citizens.

Private Transportation Union

Individuals employed in or operating private transportation such as taxis, limos, shuttles, cargo haulers and courier services.

Reclamation Services Union

Individuals employed in or operating waste and resource reclamation services; including waste management, recycling, and bio-reprocessing.

Retail Services Union

Individuals employed in or operating retail services dealing in legal products.

This Union is heavily by the corporations in order to protect their consumer base and curtail any would-be competitors. Most products are heavily taxed and many are banned completely. Such severe restrictions have only served to bolster an already flourishing black market…one that the Syndicates have a vested interest in preserving.

Skilled Trades Union

Individuals employed in highly skilled vocations such as cybernetics, robotics, programming, engineering, medical and security.

This Union represents the most sought after and skilled set of individuals employed within the city. It is a melting pot of talent that most well respected companies choose to pull from…AEON Holdings and InSilico. Even the Syndicates are known to actively recruit from the Skilled Trades Union.

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