Death to a Droid(rp log)

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[16:51] Fin悪  (Fingon) looked blankly at the mob that had barged in

[16:52] mfknproy gets lost staring around at all the tech

[16:52] I1 HUD: Eve Dimitriaski M2 approached from the front of the shop but stopped when she saw the dark figure in the hallways. She gulped to herself and took a few steps closer. "Uh," she began. "This man here has a problem, I think only a street doc can fix."

[16:52] dax/3 Lexi: Greetings. My name is Lexi. I am a dax/3 droid.

[16:53] I1 HUD: Eve Dimitriaski M2 goes and hides

[16:53] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) shifts behind Fin, eyeing the group in irritation at the disruption of their conversation. "the fuck," he muttered, lapsing into a brooding silence

[16:53] Eve Dimitriaski frowns, "Well anyways, you think you can help these two?"

[16:54] Fin悪  (Fingon) blinks at an Eve before the female behind her spouts off something "the fuck is a dax 3 droid? and help them with what?" she watches as the other Eve bails as she waits for some explanation

[16:54] mfknproy raises his hand "Right, hi, Proy. I found this droid roaming around and I need her reprogrammed"

[16:55] mfknproy watches one of the Eves leave and has no idea which one stayed behind

[16:55] Fin悪  (Fingon) continues to wait but when the male doesn't explain any further, she sighs heavily, shooting Seven a look. "reprogrammed for what? are you the registered owner?"

[16:56] Eve Dimitriaski: he isn't the owner

[16:57] mfknproy glances at sony jaw "No no no, shes programmed as a sex doll for someone and  shes been abandoned. I want to reprogram her to follow my commands and maybe commit a little terrorism"

[16:57] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) shrugs and looms behind her, studying the so called droid before muttering to Fin "unclaimed salvage then."

[16:58] Fin悪  (Fingon) stared at the dude at his announcement before her gaze shifts to Eve...then back to the dude...back to Eve and so on for a few seconds. she finally coughs briefly before giving them all a bright a smile. "right, well the only thing i can do with an unowned droid is tear it into scrap and sell it off. also, dipshit, you should probably stop telling random people that you want to commit acts of terrorism, especially when one of those people owns the city."

[16:59] mfknproy crosses his arms and holds his chin, glancing up at the ceiling getting lost in thought while speaking aloud "Yeah yeah, primary function; follow p's commands. Secondary mission, elimination of city secu~ P's enemies"

[16:59] mfknproy glances at the doc then eve "hm?"

[17:00] mfknproy: Oh this isn't nice Eve, is it?

[17:00] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) flexes his fists "i'll get the tools for deconstruction and contact Wong." he began moving to gather equipment, a cheerful smile curling at the prospect of the wholesale destruction ahead

[17:01] Eve Dimitriaski: please be gentle with her

[17:01] dax/3 Lexi smiles innocently at the people around

[17:01] Eve Dimitriaski: do no program her as he says, otherwise you all will be under arrest

[17:02] mfknproy squints trying to figure out what the xbox was doing in the back while stepping closer to Lexi, tapping her on the shoulder "Second thought, I think the ripper down the street has a friends and family this weekend, we should probably head out"

[17:02] Fin悪  (Fingon) shrugs "like i said, unless you're the registered owner, she's considered a rogue droid and subject to complete destruction and termination. if you're dumb enough to tell people your quote nefarious plans unquote, you're dumb enough to get murdered. i'd prefer you not do that in my shop. android, you need to get on the bed and shut down in preparation for termination."

[17:03] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) moves to loom over the android, indicating the bed it should lay on

[17:03] mfknproy looks at lexi nervously "Droid, return to your owners home"

[17:04] Fin悪  (Fingon) smiles a similarly cheerful smile towards the male "you already announced she had no owner. now that you've turned her in, you can go."

[17:04] Eve Dimitriaski: "I mean as head of security I cannot allow any acts of terrorism in the city."

[17:04] dax/3 Lexi looks at each of them and analyze options.. "P is my owner"

[17:04] mfknproy whispers: Fuck

[17:04] Eve Dimitriaski: And if you intend to do so sir, I might have to ask for your identification.

[17:05] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) frowns "she sounds sentient to me. androids shouldn't lie. sentience is a termination infraction, best to lay down on the bed now....dearie."

[17:05] mfknproy steps outside not pretending to hear Eve 1

[17:06] Fin悪  (Fingon) nodded, pasting a concerned look on her face "we're just doing our civic duty now. that male is such a good citizen. get her settled, Seven, then we'll commence destruction procedures"

[17:07] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) shifts around behind the droid, reaching to take it by the elbow and help it get settled on to the nearby surgical bed, grunting in irritation and the circling drones

[17:07] Eve Dimitriaski: so suspicious

[17:08] mfknproy pulls a small bangalore of firecrackers out of his pocket and lights them, tossing them outside the door of the ripper's facility before running off.

[17:09] Fin悪  (Fingon) nodded "sadly, even though it claimed that male was its owner, he'd already declared otherwise. always sad when droids get abandoned but sentience is horribly illegal after all. go ahead and lay down, droid. this won't take long."

[17:09] dax/3 Lexi complies any request and heads to the table

[17:10] Gene Therapy whispers: 

[17:10] Eve Dimitriaski: This is really none of my business

[17:11] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) watches the droid lay down and moves forward, smiling in excitement now. "we're going to get some good parts off of this one. she looks practically pristine. I've informed Wong, they're standing by for anything we don't want."

[17:14] Fin悪  (Fingon) nodded cheerfully to Eve, she didn't care that one of the ruling class was present. after all, Eve had chosen to bring the two to her. "i suppose i owe you a finder's fee, Eve. thanks for the business. we'll terminate the internal programs, wipe the entire system and send you whatever's left to finish disposal. i assume you don't want any of the body parts?" she settled on her nearby stool, indicating for the drones to commence tearing the droid's body apart, with Seven's help. in the meantime, she pulled up several screens, tapping into the droid's software and running a full scan to locate every program within her for deletion

[17:16] Eve Dimitriaski: I shall leave now since this is not my business. Please remember what I said.

[17:16] dax/3 Lexi all programs are located in her back panel including the logs from the recent activity

[17:17] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) moved to bend over the droid, his face lit up with the pure joy he found only from taking apart things. he waited patiently for the drones to finish the preliminaries involved in peeling its skin synth skin off of its body

[17:24] Fin悪  (Fingon) gains access to the droid's programming, its literal brain, and begins the deletion process. the droid is forced int autistic mode, preventing it from escaping into the net and avoiding any survival chances. she watches in amusement as each program winks out of existence, humming along with the music playing from the radio. the droid would find itself shutting down forever as Seven and drones ripped its physical body apart

[17:25] Seven O'Shea (SevenOShea) gleefully dived into the process of destroying the droid's physical body, limbs tossed onto the floor as he also hummed along with Fin and the music. he was in his happy place
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