New Beginnings, A recording channel left open

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(( the fallow post is in character, may be used by certian authority figures given Caleb's history in insilico.))

Derrick stood on the platform between, The budda bowl and ravenwatch corp holding 2 badges one stating insilico sercurity services and one stated aichi "time to let go and move on , " he tosses them over watching them fall into the abyss below. he stood straight up taking a deep breath as he felt like a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders, he heard some heavy footsteps, approaching him, he looked back some reconizing  the tall figure, 

The conversation is as fallowing, 

Derrick: "Caleb?...Man you got some grey showing"

Caleb" It's what happens when you have kids,"

Derrick: " and kids? Never thought i would see the day.."

Caleb: " well 2 years living in solitude changes allot, i see you've grown quite a bit your self. i see a fraction of that mess of a state Aichi left you in"

Derrick: " Yeah...was quite the mess...Had to seek out Maz-san when i first came back here. in that sad state. she disappeared not to longer after, that."

Caleb" Think shes y'know dead?"

Derrick: " doubt it, shes not reckless like that,"

Caleb " so how are you keeping your self busy?"

Derrick , shifting noise having been pointing toward the raven watch building

Caleb: " RavenWatch...... never heard of them"

Derrick" mercenary group"

Caleb" I see need to know basis."

Derrick: " yeah, it's taking getting some getting used to not doing the same routine"

Caleb:" and what are you doing there?" 

Derrick:"  Head Of Security"

Caleb -audible chuckle- "Old habits die hard i guess."

Derrick: " ehh things are really different this time."

Caleb: " How so?"

Derrick: " not feeling like I'm having my hand forced. like the others,"

Caleb:" I see...seems like a good fit then. doesn't sound like you got your back against the wall. meet anyone you found interesting?"

Derrick:" There is this one woman i met while working with raven watch the past few days......her honesty is a breath of fresh air over the same fabricated bullshit I've heard before." 

Caleb:" Really? Do you trust her?"

Derrick: " I'm not sure yet., to be honest, but shes definitely heading in that direction of trust."

Caleb:" she sounds alot different then what was her face..?"

Derrick: "Hey you know damn well  SHE Ghosted me. but yeah...this woman i met recently, is definitely allot different, "

Caleb:" and that annwhen woman?"

Derrick: " shes here in insilico ran into her at fus1ion one night. thought she was about to faint from seeing a ghost" 

Caleb:" and what of the people you knew are they still around."

Derrick: " a couple of them. but other then that. mostly i knew i haven't seen. so it's definitely changed around here"

a brief silence was heard

Caleb: " yeah it seems like it, not since the days i was causing a terror quite a few years ago"

Derrick:" yeah no shit lobbed your arm off for that"

Caleb: " lucky it was able to be saved, and got it reattached" 

Derrick: "So how long you in the city for?"

Caleb:" was just leaving today was on a supply run. I really don't want to outstay with my welcome.... especially with whats her face.... some woman that tried to take me down from insilco metro police years ago.she still around"

Derrick: " yep their ips now"

Caleb:" yeah.... I'd perfer not to have an encounter like that again. However if you want my advice about this  Woman you met recently.....let her in slowly, and use your head as well...she sounds like a gem."

there was another silence for a minute 

Derrick : "yeah I'll keep that in mind. but one thing we never had this conversation. "

Caleb:" brother you know me now and days i see nothing i know nothing ain't none of my business."  

Derrick:" good now get out of here for trouble comes your way"

Caleb:" yeah good idea see a few drones buzzing around."   footsteps could heard walking away.

- Converstation ends here--

Derrick stood there a few minutes more before going his own way. 

<<recording cut>>
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